Chapter 3. ” Dissident magazines in the USSR and Soviet schoolchildren”

Theodore Schwann, Marcello Malpighi, Rosalind Franklin, Nikolai Konstantinovich Koltsov, Albrecht Kossel, Sergey Gavrilovich Navashin

Retreat. Who in the USSR made Soviet schoolchildren and students people with a broad intellectual Outlook. “Dissident magazines»: “Technology-youth,” Knowledge is power”, “Science and life”

60-70 years of the twentieth century for me Soviet student like many others took place under the education, or rather education –knowledge-education is not just schools or streets and yards – but under the sign of indiscriminate reading of magazines such as “Technique-youth”, “Knowledge is power”, “Science and life” . Many Soviet schoolchildren were influenced by these magazines to choose a higher education institution and a profession for life! And then students (of course technicians!) we did not deny ourselves the opportunity to read these magazines, because they, not the school or Institute, expanded the horizons of our knowledge from stories about cosmonautics, physics, the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century, including the history of atomic research, Russian literature, classics of foreign literature, secrets of world history, and much, much more. It was after submitting (information) one of these magazines that I got out and read Jung’s wonderful book “Brighter than a thousand suns”. It was about a unique fraternity, a collaboration of physicists from all over the world in the 20-30s of the 20th world. This and Jung writes about it – the Golden age of scientific thought of mankind! It stopped, was lost with the onset of the terrible inhuman 2nd world war and never came again as it was… For there are other times, other orders and other trends of time. Solidarity of scientists of the world (Western scientific community), primarily physicists, atomic physicists broke out as a new star at the end of the war and the beginning of the 50s in the protest movement of famous scientists, physicists (who created the us atomic bomb) in the famous ” Pugwash movement» but it was soon extinguished for many decades to come. The position of scientists and not only physicists has changed radically. After the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the governments of Western countries clearly realized that these unworldly hairy men who do not recognize any other authorities of the state besides their gods of natural science and are not influenced by the state, politicians who mostly deny the Church and religion – can be extremely useful for the state and solve global problems that no one else can solve in this state in this world. On the contrary if it turned out that some scientists were collaborating with a potential military or economic opponent of this state (government) they can be extremely dangerous in the future! It is known from history that since some unspoken times, the government of these countries has been deeply indifferent to the disloyal and even Pro-Communist views of scientists. They were only interested in the schedule of execution of super-important projects, mainly for military purposes.This, however, was the situation in the totalitarian state of the USSR before and after the war. Outstanding scientists of the USSR were secretly allowed heretical, sometimes critical (not public, of course) statements against the Soviet government and the Soviet government. Both the Soviet Union and the West after the 2nd world war simply bought generous gifts and abundant funding for scientific research – this is a global tribe of long-haired, abnormal geniuses of the twentieth century. After the second world war, the cold war era came between the two main political systems of the world and the governments of both Western democracies and the USSR and their allies did not care who the scientific community, the scientific fraternity of their countries “remained” with. Scientific ideas in human history: not after the invention of the wheel, gunpowder, steamship, train, dynamite, automobile, long-range guns, planes and tanks, killing simultaneously hundreds, thousands of soldiers on the battlefield with poison gases – have NEVER yet acquired from the rulers and politicians of the world that mythical awe-inspiring conviction of the omnipotence of scientific ideas and their priests-AS AFTER the Apocalypse of radioactive the fires of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…… From now on, after the creation and testing of the atomic bomb by scientists, and then the success of rocket technology (a means of delivering thermonuclear weapons), the governments of all countries of the world are firmly (and it seems forever!) this inconvenient but extremely useful tribe of long-haired geniuses of the XX-th century took under dense, almost vigilant guardianship of the state and special services and does Everything already in the “XX1-th century so that none of these geniuses came out of custody in the XX1-th century.Otherwise, there could potentially be a global catastrophe. Well, in the meantime, technological, industrial, economic (scientific and information) espionage, which for a century no one is going to cancel in the world. On the contrary, this ancient art is only being perfected and refined to invisible to the eye,unheard and unseen spies.

I’m sorry, dear reader. I don’t write a story “around and around indiscriminately”. I only give a selective fragment of the history of scientific knowledge and its inextricable connection in the 20th century with the state machine, which is also relevant to the human Sciences: biology, medicine,genetics, bacteriological science and its separate discipline of VIROLOGY. The rapid, critical growth of the human Sciences, as well as atomic physics, technical and technological breakthroughs, is again associated with the twentieth century of human history. ..

Sometimes, unexpectedly, there were historical or philosophical articles (of course, adapted to the catechism of Marxism-Leninism … exactly passed through the Soviet separator, which simply discarded everything that was not combined with the short postulates of M-L ) but previously completely unknown to us schoolchildren and students. Russian, Soviet and foreign writers, poets, humanists, and ascetics of the decaying Western world, which our Ridna Communist ideology and morality mercilessly fought, were cited. Many of us vaguely guessed that these articles would not have passed the simplest censorship test if they had been in another ” field of representation», for example, they would be intended exclusively for” lyricists”, teachers, historians,philologists, journalists, or philosophers. These professions were protected by the Soviet authorities from any even harmless knowledge, because they were the future cadres of the Komsomol and the Communist party. How such free-thinking was allowed by the Soviet authorities – I don’t know…?! The censors were probably scared off by the cover of a popular science and fantasy magazine. They didn’t know shit about nuclear physics, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and none of the more vigilant ones sniffed out the name of the executed enemy of the people, Nikolai Vavilov, in the magazine Znanie-Sila. Albert Schweitzer-Swiss doctor, theologian (like a priest, or something…?!) he helped the suffering children of Africa. Well, probably a pop-stripper, and a member of the Swiss Communist party, … well, how else to explain his activities in the then familiar Soviet terms and from the point of view of dialectical Marxism-Leninism…?! Yes, of course, the mad move to debunk Nikita Khrushchev’s cult of Stalin caused a thaw in the 60s. But it was in the 60s that he supported the “Stalinist Michurinets” Lysenko at the height of glory and fall.This is probably due to his, Khrushchev’s, weakness for agriculture. Genetics was completely incomprehensible to him, as well as then avant-garde, informal art (bulldozer exhibition, Manege). He, like many of Stalin’s narrow-minded associates, craved rapid success and miracles. Lysenko promised this in a language that Khrushchev understood. And geneticists then returned to 50-60-some from prison, some from all possible holes of the national economy-where they were driven by the struggle of the Soviet state with the prostitutes of capitalism-genetics and Cybernetics. And in the 60s, some of us already knew that genetics and Cybernetics are corrupt girls of imperialism who, by the will of the father of Nations, slowed down the USSR for several 10 years these 2 most important sections of knowledge of the 20th century. And here we are school students, unaware of the fact that the government of the USSR headed by Khrushchev allocates huge funds for the quack work of Terry Michurinets, we already knew that the name of the slandered academician Nikolai Vavilov, whose contribution to world science is priceless up to our time, has returned from oblivion.…  And this is thanks to the same Khrushchev. -Truly-black-and-white, two-faced people’s nugget as it was carved on the grave of Ernst the Unknown, who at one time suffered from the hysteria of the autocrat in the Arena. We already knew the name of the father of Cybernetics, Norbert Wiener. This was the era – we knew, but time was still managed by the unhurried step of the Kremlin Highlander… who had already been taken out of the mausoleum, so as not to bother Ilyich (and hardly anyone thought to ask Ilyich whether to settle the wonderful Georgian Chi Ni…?!). The shadow of the Kremlin mountaineer still stretched over the vast land of Soviets. Soon, under Brezhnev, they will try it, shadow it, retouch it, restore it in proportions that are convenient for the era of developed socialism. At the end of the USSR and the departure to a better world, many Soviet people who were stupefied by the complacency of Communist officials, mismanagement (for which under Stalin they were put to the wall without talking), the scale of corruption in the highest echelons of power – openly began to feel nostalgic about the mustachioed dictator – under him there was order. Well, and already in the post-Soviet era under V.Putin as it should be in the genre-first tragedy then farce…The ruler of the country who drove almost a quarter of the Soviet people into camps will be called an “effective Manager”. Wonderful are thy works, o Lord, and sweet is the smoke and incense of deceit. Meanwhile, an effective Manager, whose talent enriched the USSR with a powerful military-industrial complex and made it a pioneer in space exploration on the other hand, delayed the development of the USSR-Russia in the 2 most important areas of genetics and Cybernetics for the 20-21 century for many years to come… The current ruler of Russia today is trying to change the situation in science and public health today in the era of coronovirus… But the time of breakthroughs unfortunately disappeared along with Stalin’s five-year plans. And the time of miracles is not typical for the laws of methodical science-where quality is achieved by the methodical accumulation of useful information for breakthroughs and the rational distribution of state resources.

So I turn to the main thing 50-60-70-80 years of the last century passed under the sign of unprecedented success in molecular biology, Microbiology and her Majesty’s genetics. Since the time of Linnaeus, Darwin and Mendel, there has been a qualitative leap in the study of man and his device. First, there are high-quality tools for studying the microcosm. The electron microscope has simply blown up the science of man with its facts!!! And some of the above-mentioned popular science magazines and told us about DNA, RNA and protein Since these 70 years, I remember that these three elements are the basis of a biological object (“energy device”,” chemical and genetic machine”, etc.) called a Person.

P.S. Everything is connected in this sublunar world. Science is made by man. And its high and low history of Life on the blue planet Earth-and Yesterday and Today paves the difficult but beautiful roads of her Majesty of Science and Knowledge and makes it possible for our, Humanity, Tomorrow to live. I have told You one of the fragments of this story…

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