World of 2021

The world of 2021. A brief overview.
There is no doubt that historians in the future will call 2020 and 2021-the era of the”Great Pestilence”. So long ago people called mass epidemics of a contagious disease that claimed millions of lives of earthlings, without distinguishing between men and women, the elderly and children. As soon as these contagious diseases began, they rapidly took over cities, countries and entire continents, and finally… the whole world. In this case, these massive epidemics are called Pandemics. These diseases took millions of human lives into oblivion, brought ruin to the farms of earthlings, and caused irreparable damage to the world economy. But time passed (There is no decade of a year, two at most) in these distant times and terrible infectious diseases receded and disappeared. How would you run out of breath…?! However, this is arithmetically understandable. People, potential carriers of parasites of the virus or bacteria became less… This is perhaps the main feature of infectious strains (species) of the virus and bacteria. They themselves cut down the branch on which they sit. They’re suicidal. Only, alas, it does not make us feel any better ! They leave together with the affected person leaving others with an injury or consequence….…
The history of this pestilence (a pandemic of the virus called Covid 19), taking place in the present time throughout the entire territory of the planet Earth, may well in one form or another go to the year 2022 ( and beyond…?!). The fact is that in the race for survival on our planet, two almost equal forms of life collided. One form is as ancient as this world itself and is common in its firmament, waters, and even in the vents of volcanoes, under the glare of fire-breathing lava during the activity of the volcano, eruption.The name of this life form is virus.Along with the bacteria, it, the virus, holds the palm in terms of prevalence. on our planet. Bacteria are many times inferior in number to the virus, although they are endowed with the ability to multiply, unlike viruses. The virus reproduces only in the body of other animals, It is a parasite! Unlike bacteria, scientists deny it the right to be called life. It is because of the inability to reproduce independently. So what …?! The history of the issue shows that this is a fairly efficient and optimal form of existence on earth. Its prevalence on earth is an order of magnitude ahead of the nearest competitor-a bacterium and by several orders of magnitude of all living and non-living things combined. And in general, a paradox. It cannot reproduce, so it must disappear on the scale of one generation. But no! Not alive, but Alive…, give g-d to everyone!

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                            Chapter 2 A little bit about politics

King Guidon to merchants overseas:
“Well, beyond the sea, or is it bad?! And what a miracle in the world?! The shipwrights respond. We’ve been all over the world. Life is not bad beyond the sea. In the light, here is what a miracle. … There, across the sea-okiyan, the city of Washington stands. In it, in a wonderful house called the White House, the wonder-wonder sits and from there, wonderfully, wonderfully, rules our white light. …»
Allow the reader to move away from the fairy tale about Tsar Guidon and A. S. Pushkin and speak, alas, in harsh prose. Donald Trump, the 45th president of America from January 20, 2917 to January 20, 2021, has revolutionized the image of America as a superpower-whose historic mission is to be the world’s judge, the world’s policeman, and to oversee the rest of the world by virtue of being the only superpower in this global world. And it is not the surveillance of the connivance of the forces of evil in this world that threatens America. For the first time in the history of America, Trump proved that America can live without costly domination over the entire world. That is, from the ideas of globalization to a nation-state that deals only with its own internal problems. From other countries, including from allies, Trump, as a businessman, demanded respect for the economic and financial rights of his country. Maybe this or maybe another, but rather his pretentiousness and determination – but he angered the elite of America for all 4 years of his rule. If he was elected for the next 4 years, then impeachment after impeachment and he would eventually be removed from the political arena by the Democrats, the media and the left. They choose some and impeachment is made by completely different craftsmen not from the thick of the people. The new president, Democrat Biden, has not yet managed to surprise the whole world as did Republican Trump. But just like his former boss, Barack Obama shoved a tooth in Russia. Calling Russia a regional power, Obama so motivated the Russian President that in 10 years Russia has so modernized its armed forces that in a number of positions it was ahead and more powerful than America. Biden called President Putin a murderer. But if you look into the details in that famous interview, he did not name it, but uguknul, chuckled. And clearly pleased that the journalist finally moved away from the main topic of the interview, and it was his son, who played dirty in Ukraine and China, got angry and added – I find out that he interfered in the American elections – I will punish the scoundrel Putin. Election meddling and “killer” stuff from different operas. This immediately caused a resonance in the world and especially in Moscow. He was asked if you really called Putin a murderer. Yes, Biden confirmed. And where to go – if he refuses, he not only loses face, but also draws attention to the fact that personally, as vice president, he contributed to the fantastic enrichment of his son in Ukraine and China,that is, he extorted a lot of money from these countries for certain preferences or for promises to produce them in the future. No, it is better for Putin to remain a murderer for now and be punished for interfering in the holy. Poor Grandpa Biden was just scared. It is better to distract the public so as not to let his son and him be punished for corruption. Well, first of all, the Democrats have repeatedly tested this mantra (interference) on Trump, forcing him to impose sanctions on Russia. Secondly, under Biden, sanctions, unlike Trump, I am sure will be scanty. So only to deflect suspicion that the sanctions were more of a provocation by Democrats not against Russia, but against Trump, knowing his sympathies for Putin and Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation of his Trump ties to Russia. Now, regarding the version of those clever political scientists who claim that the future world war will begin after an attack or provocation by Kiev against Russia, its armed forces. This is on the grounds that Biden took a lot of part in the affairs of the revolution and the establishment of the new government in Ukraine. Politics and sympathy without interest in someone or something – There is no such thing! Provoke Ukraine to war with Russia and feed it with weapons and Soviets…?! Why would Grandpa Biden do that? Yes, the Democrats in history have repeatedly been noted for initiating wars, bloodletting, and not propaganda and fakes. But, first of all, these were wars with a notoriously weak enemy. Secondly, America has long realized that the war in Europe against Russia is not only a loss but also a complete defeat. Third, what does Biden care about Ukraine today? There was an interest in it, and parnus was a talentless businessman, but a native little man, a son. And finally, I dare say that Biden will have more rhetoric than malicious actions against Russia, China and Iran. First, the fear and caution of an elderly politician in sudden movements so as not to get stuck and not to unleash a serious response from the weak countries of the world. First, internal serious problems, and the costs of conflicts far from America will immediately remind Everyone in America how right Trump was. And any loss of prestige in these conflicts will make the elites and those who bet on it turn away from him…. No, Grandpa Biden will be moderate and careful. A lion in words and rhetoric, and an almost ape sloth or hare in action. Troublesome and dangerous. That’s about 20-30 years ago, you could have… a little bit… And then-to be a consistent, firm and active globalist and to climb into all the crisis holes in the world Today…?! After your predecessor called all this into question, it is beyond the power and dangerous even for a young Democrat in the role of president in 2021. The exception is maniacs and suicides. After all, people tend to compare… And that damn Covid, the highest death rate in the world, and a broken economy. I think that after Trump, manna from heaven has been added for Russia, and even more so for China and even Iran … Alas, such a cruel and inexorable logic of the post-Soviet world, To measure the possibilities and consequences, is the fate of a long-lived politician. And to touchy Russians and personally to Putin on occasion I will whisper Sorry may friend … situational…nothing personal …
Al. Prok 28.3.2021 Bnei Brak Israel.

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