Chapter 4. COVID-19 and the World of the 21st century.








Chapter 4. COVID-19 and the World of the 21st century. Part 1

Sketches for a painting of the epoch


  For more than 5 months, the Humanity of the 1st third of the 21st century is waging a war not to live but to die with a terrible enemy that brings him diseases, death and ruin.  The war is not over yet, but it is clear that the scenario of a Serene Happy Tomorrow for Humanity in the 21st century is Overshadowed completely and irrevocably. If he, a man of the 21st century, Suddenly happily bypasses the traditional economic, social, political problems and, finally, the danger of a big war-he may be overtaken and hit by another insidious and invisible enemy of his health and well-being at the hour of X.

   And were there any grounds to believe that if it were not for the fate of Humanity in the form of a dangerous virus that disrupted its peaceful and orderly life throughout the world in the first third of the 21st century-his humanity would only be waiting for a leisurely peaceful and serene continuation of this life as it appeared before the onset of 2020…?! Is it possible to theoretically implement only happy and peaceful scenarios of humanity in the 21st century, if we hypothetically exclude the appearance of dangerous viruses in its life that can turn from a local epidemic into a pandemic that threatens the health and well-being of all mankind?! As you know, the experience of local epidemics was successfully experienced by the world throughout the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century. Of course, he did not remember the terrible flu pandemic “Spaniard” in 1918, the closest thing to humanity in history. He knew and studied the terrible and destructive pandemics of the distant past. But the real factor of the 20th and 21st century in the unprecedented success of science, including medicine, gave him, humanity, reasons not to consider more likely black scenarios of sudden and disastrous pandemics in the foreseeable future of the 21st century. It turns out that the devil whose real incarnation and name ascended at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 COVID-19 managed to outmaneuver the g-d overseer, intercessor and angel who happily diverts hitherto mortal troubles from loved ones (Yes! Of the foolish and sinful…) the children of his People should his earthly…?! Yes, this should be admitted honestly and openly! Yes, the devil in the guise of an invisible and deadly enemy at first managed to stun our Almighty. But the battle of the two overlords of our Human stay in this universe is not complete. Already in many areas of the Earth, the devil has been subdued and almost banished by man, while in others the valley is triumphant collecting a bloody harvest. But the outcome of the battle from the history of our existence is clear and yet immutable for the glory of human life. The forces of Evil are exhausted and transient before the power of Good and the Will of our Human intercessor, the Almighty Creator. Yes, today, may 25, 2020, it is already obvious and clear that the world infection whose name is COVID-19 while the glory of g-d will always be eradicated, the world economy upset by forced defense will be restored peace and the will (freedom) of power will return to the world spaces. And even if it is possible in the subsequent fate of a person of the 21st century to relapse and return a terrible calamity-then humanity has already received a cruel, but vital lesson and experience and will be able to better resist a new similar current catastrophe and win! It turns out that only the devil in the incarnation of CAVID-19 prevented humanity from continuing after the fatal 2019 happy, settled and serene Life of People in the 21st century…?! Alas, but the devil in the creation of evil was no less skilled than our Creator in the forces of good and love. And the mask of pestilence the devil often changed to another similar to the human face. And then a person went to war and violence against another person and killed contrary to the commandment of God, his own kind. And this evil was done by the devil’s will endlessly in his Human earthly history… One of the proofs that the devil, the enemy of man, is ready to add another almost distinguishable mask is the fact that the world has met a dangerous pestilence – Separation, and not Unity of the world’s States in the face of a Common World, Global Danger whose name is KOVID-19! And it is this circumstance, which is not typical for humanity in its historical pereturbations, that suggests that in the modern world, there are really very dangerous and maturing trends of deformation and destruction of the existing World Order of Things.

  Since 1945, for 73 years, humanity has lived without a major world war, but with the experience of many large and small regional wars (remember the war in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the war in Yugoslavia and the still smoldering conflict associated with the state “world Caliphate”) and a number of military conflicts between neighboring States (the most notable of which can be called the Ukrainian crisis and the Syrian knot, along with the “Kurdish problem”that is occurring in this region). As we can see from this, there are enough hot spots with a knot of age-old irreconcilable contradictions and problems in the world. This is the fate of the civilizational model of humanity throughout its history and the 21st century is no exception! Territorial claims and historical grievances of neighboring peoples are not new in our 21st century, given the collapse of history in the form of the collapse of the USSR at the end of the 20th century and the subsequent sharp reformatting of the former Soviet republics and satellite countries of the USSR in Eastern Europe. To the overall picture of the “world discord” we can add the crisis of the “United Europe” model associated with the” first swallow ” Britain that recently left the common European nest.

  All the characteristics of the new era can be attributed methodologically to a certain system of “World trends”, taking into account that the historical field where these trends operate and develop, of course, reflect a number of tectonic global processes of the new era. But all these processes in the historical movement, their constructions are still unstable as a Mirage, intuitive and abstract in definitions and details. Their latency is only a form of abstract representation. In fact they are real because in one way or another they give certain signals about their real existence! But the main thing is that they are not completed and are not framed in the already accomplished crucial world events, historical facts Logical and eventful ENDING – these latent or semi-implicit PROCESSES with the outlines of some of their structures emerging-will certainly be concluded in the future history of the 21st century and due to inertia with a prolongation to the next century, the 22nd. This slow pace of maturation of these global world processes is associated with the absence of revolutions and major wars and is performed according to the laws of evolution. The growth and accumulation trends, the transition “ripened optimum number” into a new quality, execution and enhancing new mobile social structures, slowly and surely pushes in the world of new facts of Reality, the accumulation of energy and power nodes in the “magnetic field” era in the power of nature requiring only the generation from outside of the necessary start for the next start, the beginning of the movement and progress of the whole system. In this case, the Historical Need for Transformation in human society will not be long in coming! Any productive evolution in its resulting nodal stages certainly generates a revolutionary explosion, a surge of new realities of this world. Such were the scientific and technical revolution which peacefully and successfully ascended the field of human civilization evolution in the 20th century and beyond. In the absence of revolutions and wars, all these laws of evolution are immutable, but they take place in an incredibly complex heterogeneous picture of reality with a ragged discrete event curve that often changes the pole and vector of movement. It is possible to predict only certain short-term historical positions of the main forces in the world-without confidence that the new facts of world realities will not change the vector of future world transformations again. In the 21st century, despite globalization, or rather in spite of it, the mass of heterogeneous unstable elements has increased repeatedly compared to the past history of mankind.

  The main trend of the new era, conventionally associated with the date of September 11, 2001 and, accordingly, the Central process of this era is in motion, in development, can be called the crisis of Capitalism, political ideological, economic and social structure of the overwhelming number of countries in the world today, but primarily the pool of countries – leaders of the modern world, which include Europe, America, China[i] , Russia and Southeast Asia (Japan, South Korea, Gongong, Singapore,Taiwan). It is these countries that for more than 50-60 years have most fully reflected the realities of modern Capitalism as a political system in different regions of the world. The process of deepening internal deformations, contradictions, and critical problems that began relatively 19 years ago, as well as the inability of an adequate and optimal response to the wave of modern qualitatively new challenges presented to the main paradigm of the modern world – Capitalism, threatens with the critical development of the crisis with the explosion of the main traditional established structures and nodes, and in the end, the first attempt of civilization to reformat the established structures into new more stable forms of political structure. This is the logic of the history of mankind, the logic of the main core of human civilization, which seeks in an incomprehensible historical instinct for many centuries to throw into historical oblivion All that Hinders the progressive and qualitative movement of Civilization Forward into a more reliable and qualitatively stable historical Tomorrow. This is the spirit and the core of the civilizational model of man on planet Earth, which could not embarrass and taint the historical time of the barbarians, Huns, Mongols, grim religious fervor of the middle ages or confrontation and military rivalry between the two future branches of Western civilization-the Christian and the Muslim East, then the first collapse of capitalism in the first world war, and then Apocalypse the second world war, brought about by the new international regulator and damper in the form of the UN, the Nuremberg Tribunal, the court in the Hague. Then the rollback caused by the us atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the onset of a new post-war era of the cold war between the Western capitalist formation and the socialist, accompanying this historical period, the endless race of global deadly weapons and technologies, then the time of political detente and the process of establishing international control over a number of weapons that are important for the global world in the form of international treaties and institutions. Along the way, in 60-70 years the capitalist system has experienced an internal crisis associated with leftist ideology, terrorism and it has the features of the new era and response and claim part of the European establishment to some inhuman structures of Capitalism sample of 60-80 years and the first reaction of the international community on the establishment of a new world order associated with the historical beginning, intensification and ramification of absolutely new stage of civilization – Globalization sample of 20th-21st century! Then the collapse of the USSR, a short period of stability (10 years) and the approval of a new phenomenon in the world table of ranks – the only superpower in the world. In 2001, the collapse of the new York twin towers and the beginning of a qualitatively new historical era! Confrontations of the Western world (including Russia and even conditionally China due to its neutral position) with the passion of the awakened Islamic world = the Arab spring and a real, not declarative attempt to revenge radical Islam in the form of the establishment of a new type of Islamic state in the middle East (ISIL, which is still active in the region!). These are the historical milestones of modern capitalism in which the author only missed the natural process of aging in the demographic and social aspects of the capitalist world and the crisis associated with the depletion of European labor resources to continue the pace of industrial production in the old Europe and America. The trend of explosive migration processes also clearly characterizes the world as a whole and developed capitalism of the 21st century. In the rich, but most importantly stable in political, economic and cultural terms, the countries of Western Europe rushed in the same historical period, huge migration flows of third world citizens from Africa and Asia, citizens of Eastern European countries and countries of the former Ssrpo for banal reasons of poverty in their countries, instability of the political system, and finally from regions where there are still mass killings of civilians. It is this side of the new era and the attempt of the European bureaucracy to justify the false humanism of the so-called multiculturalism that is associated with the rapid process of brexit and the fall of Britain from the new political model of a United Europe.

[i] China is rightly classified as a state with the dominant and regulatory characteristics of capitalism – a market economy, separation of powers, freedom of enterprise, and other attributes of the economic core of capitalism. Everything else, as far as political forms are concerned, for example, democracy as a necessary “inter-limiting regulator” and in General the suprasystem substance of the classical form of capitalism in China replaces the complex synthesis of state-party regulation and in complex concrete purely capitalist operations, actions, and technologies is certainly Decorative in Nature but with a constantly cocked spring of state or rather party intervention if the capitalist style emasculates the accepted ideological foundations of the people’s Republic of China of the 21st century sample! In China, they know not only the positive of the capitalist structure of the state, but also the negative known from history. The author is sure that Chinese doctrinaires not only guess, but also know that democracy and individual freedom are the only tools that move the capitalist state to the necessary renewal in the changing external environment. This gives it the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism the ability to survive. But … in the Chinese tradition, it is customary to measure the essence of things not in centuries but in millennia. The mental Absolutes, or rather the ideological colossi of China, Lao Tzu (Taoism) and Confucius do not give them the right to freely and hastily cancel the conservatism of China’s centuries-old history. By the way, it was the authoritarian (conservative) rule that made it possible for China to be the first to win COVID-19 on its territory. And it is just as easy to re-quarantine 40 million Chinese people at the slightest suspicion of a relapse in this month of may 2020. China’s experience with COVID-19 clearly shows the world’s highest adaptive potentials under changing environmental conditions …

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