Chapter 2. Part 1. About the nature of the virus and around. Notes of an Amateur..

James Watson and Francis Crick

  The discovery of the existence of a duplicated DNA helix proved to be a turning point in biology. It was made by the Englishman Francis Crick and the American James Watson. In 1962, scientists were awarded the Nobel prize. Francis Crick is known for having formulated the Central dogma of molecular biology: genetic information is transmitted in the cell in one direction, from DNA to RNA, and then to protein.

Chapter 2. part 1. ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE VIRUS. And AROUND.. Notes of an Amateur

  Having read as it seems to me quite a lot about the fact that there is a virus and one of its “crowned” families, I considered it sufficient not only to judge it and tell other people, but also without any doubt to make a fundamental conclusion, which in my opinion would explain a lot in the current coronovirus epic. You know, dear reader, this happens to Amateurs. First, it is extremely self-confident, stubborn sometimes to fanaticism, a copy of Homo Sapiens (and in the last word, the author-rascal could not resist the pathos and grandiloquence-resorted to Latin … they say Homo and even sapiens…! Well, well, let’s just say that human specimens belonged to a social subspecies of individuals-all-knowing, judging everything, and then with an important air proclaiming it to the whole world and at the same time not accepting anyone’s comments and objections! In short – Idiots and fools from the motley mass of the people in oracles and heralds have never been lacking in human history! So the reader will do…?!). Secondly, the dilettante always feels a moral pleasure from the fact that these stupid scientists did not see under their noses that he, let’s say-walking on his road of life, genius saw a Golden gleam on it… picked it up, blew off the road dust from it and … gave people the Knowledge that you are What it is and around!

  Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Dilettante is not an abusive word. There is no and can not be a negative this is just a simple evidence of the state of Affairs in the Important Relationship for a person Is not Knowledge-Knowledge! The recognition of a person that he is not an expert in this field, but an Amateur () sounds completely normal and honest, meaning that one person warns another-to solve the problem, you should invite a person with experience, a specialist in this field. And in General, All of us on this Earth are both fools and geniuses-Amateurs before mother nature. Another thing is a self-confident dilettante, pompous as a tribune, an Oracle who portrays a great intellectual and visionary in public! However, then it turns out that in fact the tribune is completely naked and except for the shame of the interrogators can not show anything. But this alas later and not immediately… In the meantime, the public (the plebs) will be amazed by the Golden castles that hang in the sky and never come down to solid ground again. This type of dilettante is extremely dangerous today and yesterday, in short, at all times of history. Dangerous, because it works for the public, infects it with lies and closes the road to true and knowledgeable people who bring Knowledge to people.

  This is how the author of these lines behaved, when he considered that he had read enough about the virus, took and made a reasoning, made an important conclusion explaining the main thing in this crowned infection, then swung to poke this truth-uterus in the audience and … got a finger in the sky… ! He had only to continue reading, delve into the essence and collect the facts that nullify his conclusion as a new knowledge came canceling the hasty conclusion of their previous lack of Knowledge, facts! Swung – but did not poke! And it is not to avoid the spit (I mean for me the author) the embarrassment…!

So all the same, what is the main thing understood about the essence of the virus, coronavirus author and what conclusion was ready to show the people (reader) the author. I’ll start with the end, with the conclusions.

1. the Virus is the essence of Life on the planet Earth. And to destroy life today on this planet is a task almost impossible.

The first conclusion is that if humanity wants to in the future (after stopping the flow of infected and ending the deaths from COVID-19) to deal completely with this crowned infection and destroy it to hell once and for all, without leaving even a trace on this planet – then he, a man, in this noble cause – no fucking way! It won’t come out in a millionth or a trillionth of a share. The fact is that the virus is life itself. You destroyed it on earth, now climb to the bottom of the ocean in the Mariana trench, in the mouth of an active volcano, in a hot spring, a geyser. There is always the presence of the virus, that is life. Since a certain historical moment, it is impossible to destroy life everywhere on earth, even by the most powerful extraterrestrial civilization, if it exists! Life, living organisms on earth have taken root and strengthened everywhere in a cosmically insignificant period of time so firmly and reliably that it is almost impossible to destroy this LIFE without a trace from a certain historical period! Faint, but signs of life can always be found anywhere on Earth, its rocks, soil, in the mouth of an erupting volcano, on the bottom of the ocean-even after the Apocalypse, the universal catastrophe…And in all this surviving after the disaster and destruction of the planet (sorry reader, this horror for example is necessary…) the largest representation, the presence of our hero will have a virus!

  The only thing that man can really and reliably produce is to destroy himself, MAN, from the face of the earth! To a man, if he intends to root out all his own kind, the task is quite feasible. And in the shortest period of time. And this, alas, was true and reliable Yesterday! Today is already a hundred times more than Yesterday! But Tomorrow…?! And tomorrow may simply not come, may not happen. That is, it will COME TOMORROW and will HAPPEN in ANY CASE, WITH ANY POSSIBLE NATURAL DISASTERS OR HISTORICAL CATASTROPHES ASSOCIATED with the WAR, BUT PEOPLE MAY not KNOW about it. Theoretically, this hypothetical Tomorrow in the described circumstances of a possible history, that is, a universal catastrophe can only take place for Viruses. The theory says that this is true for Viruses almost 100%. For bacteria to a small extent, the chance of disappearing from the face of the earth in the event of a critical cataclysm for the planet is much higher than for viruses. First, the size of bacteria significantly exceeds the size of viruses. And as you know, in past geological disasters, large animals were the first to die – remember the poor dinosaurs. Second, viruses outperform bacteria in terms of survival. So, the immutable and final conclusion 2

– the event of a global catastrophe of the planet Earth, only Viruses have the highest chances of surviving, and bacteria and other microorganisms have less chance of surviving due to their “noticeable” size and lower survival rate than viruses.

– 3  Yes! Viruses outperform all other microorganisms on our planet Earth in their survival rate. But in the LONG term (MORE than 20 DAYS!), only BACTERIA and other MICROORGANISMS can SURVIVE, PRESERVE THEMSELVES AND CONTINUE THEMSELVES in OTHER POSSIBLE GENERATIONS. In VIRUSES, the period of AUTONOMOUS EXISTENCE WITHOUT a “SUZERAIN”, a real HOST ,a “minimum” of one LIVING CELL of any living organism – either an animal (including a person), a plant, or a bacterium-is CALCULATED and ESTIMATED by SCIENTISTS TODAY at ABOUT 20 DAYS-a MAXIMUM. A virus without the help of other participants in life on earth is NOT a RESIDENT in THIS WHITE WORLD!!! Here we can only talk about a dead, dead virus! Dream and Dream of humanity in 2020…!

4. in the event of a global catastrophe of our planet and the scattering of its body in outer space, any mention of the past eizni on this planet will not be the last and even quite real only in one possible scenario. If not only viruses survive in the earth’s rocks after the disaster, but also a sufficient number of other microorganisms that have the ability to reproduce (these microorganisms are living cells capable of one or another reproduction – for example, bacteria). B). If these earth fragments, together with the living micro-organisms (viruses and bacteria) present there, are brought to another planet ( or an extended space object. C) Further: under the appropriate external favorable conditions on this planet (the presence of oxygen, water), this symbiosis (viruses+bacteria) has a real chance to reproduce (restore) life on this new planet very similar to life on planet Earth before the disaster. We are talking about the earth’s flora and fauna and the crown of nature, Man. D) of Course, this is So and Affirmative-if the process of evolution of this NEW Earth life – 2 on the new planet will not interfere and critically affect the negative processes of this new planet. E) It is possible if on the side of this new earth life in the new conditions there will be one but the main ally-G-d, the Creator…!      

    Man, the most highly organized and most intelligent being (animal, animal…) on earth has achieved unprecedented success with his work and knowledge, not only in the construction of miracle cities and space exploration, but also in the art of killing each other! And imagine not only nuclear weapons or chemical weapons, but also biological, in other words, bacteriological weapons… It is no secret that for over 100 years, the Nations of the world in a variety of classified and protected laboratories conduct research dangerous bacteria, viruses to create a perfect silent and invisible weapon capable in a short period to erase a quarter, half of the world’s population, and the other half to finish in bunkers fusion… By the way, add here the reader ways to destroy living bipeds, erect little-haired together with fauna and flora, which have not yet been proven factually. This and climate war, and the detonation of high-power projectiles on vulnerable points of the planet, where continents converge… and where from time to time earthshakes of extreme amplitude and tsunamis destructive to coastal cities are generated… There are already a lot of developments in the Arsenal of the military in the field of remote influence on the behavior and psyche of people, and much more. On the planet, there were even some judges who speculatively located on the “finish line of humanity” called the Apocalypse. They watch as humanity approaches its (sorry for being rude…) End and report this to curious earthlings. This is an Agency that from time to time resets the hand of the clock of humanity’s approach to the universal catastrophe. And not from the collision with the earth of large-mass cosmic bodies. And from the banal threat of the third world war as a result of internal disagreements and contradictions in the relations of the world’s leading countries… in the 21st century, humanity has excelled in the art of exacerbating contradictions and disagreements among themselves… In the twentieth century, I remember the leaders somehow agreed… and observed the agreement and most importantly somehow not noticeably even for themselves, they established more or less a set of vowel and non-vowel RULES of the GAME.

Caustic critic: the author’s thought flowed smoothly from the recognition of dilentatism and the definition of correct and harmful to humanity Amateurs, then clearly identified and recorded the virus (Yes, Yes, the reader this bastard infection COVID-19) as co-authors of Life on earth and the impossibility of its virus destruction and ended with an analysis of how fruitfully the work of man on the destruction of itself in history, what, methods, weapons, and finally a remark that not everything is okay in the Danish Kingdom, that is, in the modern world. It is a pity that I am only a critic not a supporter of the theory of conspiracy, Conspiracy, and then I would have decided that the author claims that a number of politicians from leading countries of the world colluded with COVID-19 and decided to end their boring humanity. COVID-19 on one side – through the mouth. And policy-conspirators on the other i.e., top, bottom, sides, back through the anus well following the example of the allies through the mouth – “anthrax do you want to enjoy gospelin good, useful and tasty…?!”. Where further will lead the restless thought of the author and lover of vinaigrette, I do not undertake to guess the critic. His thoughts are not stable, not solid, and clearly mutate as well as a virus…»

  The critic’s words about the passage above did not confuse me, the author. For, he writes truly and fairly. My thought is really zigzag and not complete. But on the other hand-and the topic is not at all simple.?! For the first time since 1919 of the last 20th century, the entire world was completely affected by one global universal disaster for all earthlings. The enemy attacked without warning and is still invisible to the eye, not smelling not hearing and therefore terrible to man. I remember how almost 2 months ago a masked man followed me down the street. I was without a mask and he kept a distance of 6-7 meters from me and kept a sharp eye on me. I turned to look at him, because in my peripheral vision I noticed his strange maneuvers with distance. As a young man, at any other time, he would have passed me several times as an elderly and limping man. When I turned around, he darted back and sideways. I realized the man was afraid of me, the man without a mask and decided to save his life by increasing the distance between us by 9-10 meters. The sidewalk was wide at this point but did not exceed 5 meters. This middle-aged man with frightened and almost hunted eyes just wanted to live and waited patiently, not daring to break through the edge. Of course, my mask was still gauze at that time and I didn’t put it on was difficult to breathe in it, my nose was blocked. I already then firmly knew that distance in 1.5-2 meters this crowned bastard does not overcome. I didn’t get a mask for his peace of mind, I’m a heavy smoker and wanted to get some air while there are no people on my road. Instead I turned around and barked angrily like a dog I think I only made myself laugh… Yes, people today in the world are overwhelmingly incredibly scared, many wearing a mask in the morning take it off only in the evening, which causes me undisguised envy. Do they never have a stuffy nose…! Meanwhile, this reinsurance of people only increases the risk of infection – from prolonged wearing and breathing in a mask, a humid environment is formed, which attracts this scum unusually. In addition, no mask is attached to the face so tightly that the bastard is the size of…. I wouldn’t be able to fit through these holes and drag a bunch of other friends like me along. That is why the expression “social distance”was introduced into the speech. Yes there are a lot of people in the world today who are almost manic and scared to death… And now imagine the reader that over the head of these people howls a very loud siren on the block. No, this is not a new weapon of world high-tech against COVID-19. It’s just an air RAID siren. And we are talking about war… With the use of terrible air bombs from planes, shells and missiles…And people caught by it on the way in the hope of buying, getting food for their children, elderly parents should immediately go to the bomb shelter… In 1914, the first world war began. And in the final and decisive 1919 military and very bloody year in the European theater of fierce military operations, an unprecedented pestilence broke out and it instantly covered almost the entire world… ” the Spaniard took from 20 million to 50 million people around the world. Well, then there was a War, you will say, and the state of medicine was extremely low at that time, not like today. Yes, You are right – there was a war then. And today, who can say with confidence that with such an irresponsible attitude of many world politicians, it can not break out AGAIN and cover the whole world – because hatred, alienation, and chauvinism have accumulated in the world not a little… It is these thoughts that are disturbing and exciting me not today, but yesterday, long before the big in COVID-19, I explain my latest verbal zigzag and reasoning about the suicide of humanity. And the term I am sure I chose quite accurately – Any war is always first of all the tacit consent of the peoples of the world – it is with HIM to DO, to CREATE…!

  Now about the phrase – but then in 1919 there was a war and the state of medicine was extremely low compared to the current, modern medicine of the 21st century. It was this last phrase about the greatness of modern medicine that made me write this great work: to try to bring together the opinions of experts; ordinary but attentive people in different countries of the world from Amateurs to specialists; take a look at the sides of this big, let’s say global problem of humanity in the first third of the 21st century, and finally ask Questions about various areas of human activity-humanitarian, political and geopolitical, philosophical, historical, economic, social, psychological and many others! FOR IN ISOLATION AND AUTONOMOUSLY, WITHOUT CONSIDERATION OF POSSIBLE LINKS THAT EXISTS ON EARTH – THE CONSIDERATION OF ANY QUESTION, ANY PROBLEM THE LESSON IS A FAILURE FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF OBJECTIVITY, FLAWED IN A SYSTEMIC VISION OF THE PROBLEM AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE MOST COMPLETE AND AFFORDABLE DESIGN OF THE KNOWN FACTS OF REALITY! I SEE NO OTHER WAY FOR THE LADY OF KNOWLEDGE!

   In what I will succeed and be CONVINCING – well my reader, in what not – correct me… And may g-d help me in this most difficult task of man on earth-to search for the truth, to compare facts and not to dismiss fair or even unfair criticism and comments.

  P.S. About medicine today. These are primarily people, from scientists in laboratories who are trying to unravel a very difficult picture of what is happening in an electron microscope to nurses and doctors at the hospital bed of a person who is dying from COVID-19 and risk their own lives! These are officials from the international world committees of the UN and who, among whom there are heroes and anti-heroes, today it is OBVIOUS from the facts. Time and g-d will give everyone what they deserve. This is how the spiral of development and progress of mankind is arranged. One thing is clear and long ago. Not all of us are given to man to know in this world. We learn more and more about the world around us that allows us to g-d, lady Nature…! But sometimes the enemy is much more dangerous and powerful than our modern knowledge and capabilities in the most important thing – to save a person’s life. But we Humans try and do what we can. There is no doubt that we, the People, will win. This is evidenced by our history, the history of the great seas from the Plague in 673 in Byzantium to the Spanish flu in 1919 at the end of the 1st world war. But the main question is HOW and what PRICE will WE PAY?! If we are HUMAN, then we MUST and MUST THINK ABOUT THIS, and this TIME has COME. Otherwise our descendants will not understand us and will condemn us … God accept with peace the souls of the Earthmen who were innocently killed today in Rome and Paris, London and Moscow, New-York and Beijing … Amen.

  So far, humanity has a proven experience of the death of huge masses of people from plague, cholera, typhoid, malaria, anthrax as a result of the action of bacteria. The case when the virus acts against humanity extremely massively and everywhere (a pandemic) is still the second. This means that today-2020, the infectious agent of the current pandemic – is a suddenly mutated virus of the coronovirus family. But our current enemy is simply a weak child compared to the “Spanish” virus, which has destroyed from 20 million to 50 millions of earthlings. If today, instead of the coronavirus, we would fight against the new “Spaniard”, then the number of victims of the current coronavirus would have to be multiplied by a figure with three 000… from the flu virus “Spaniard” in many cases, not even a tight-fitting mask (the testimony of an eyewitness, a doctor). So far, the success of modern medicine is effective against terrible diseases of the past and where a bacterium, a microorganism whose size is many times larger than the size of the virus, acted against a person. The search for a vaccine and methods against a more powerful than human Enemy continues. In the meantime, my reader, I present you with the information available so far. I believe on many grounds that it is reliable.

  A virus (lat. virus — venom[2]) is a non-cellular infectious agent that can only reproduce inside living cells[comm. 2]. Viruses affect all types of organisms, from plants and animals to bacteria and archaea[3]…. Since the publication in 1892 of an article by Dmitry Ivanovsky describing a non-bacterial pathogen of tobacco plants[4][5], and the discovery of the tobacco mosaic virus by Martin Beyerink in 1898[6] more than 6,000 types of viruses have been described in detail[7], although it is assumed that there are more than a hundred million of them[8]. Viruses are found in almost every ecosystem on Earth, and they are the most numerous biological form[9] [10]. The study of viruses is engaged in the science of Virology, a section of Microbiology. … Viruses are found wherever there is life, and viruses probably exist since the first living cells appeared[37]. The origin of viruses is unclear, since they do not leave any fossils, and their relationships can only be studied using molecular phylogenetics [38]…. Depending on what type of nucleic acid the genetic material is represented, DNA-containing viruses and RNA-containing viruses are isolated; this principle is based on the classification of viruses by Baltimore. The size of an average virus is about one-hundredth the size of an average bacterium. Most viruses are too small, to be clearly distinguishable under a light microscope.

Viruses are obligate parasites, since they are not able to reproduce outside the cell. Outside the cell, viral particles do not show signs of life and behave like particles of biopolymers. From the living parasitic organisms viruses differ complete lack of the basic and energy metabolism and lack of complex elements of living systems — machine translation (protein synthesis), the complexity of which exceeds that of viruses.

According to one definition, viruses are a form of life; according to another, viruses are complexes of organic molecules that interact with living organisms. Viruses are characterized as “organisms on the border of life”[19]. Viruses are similar to living organisms in that they have their own set of genes and evolve by natural selection[61], as well as in that they are able to reproduce by creating their own copies by self-Assembly. Viruses have genetic material, but are devoid of cellular structure, and this trait is usually considered as a fundamental property of living matter. Viruses do not have their own metabolism, and they need a host cell to synthesize their own molecules. For this reason, they are not able to reproduce outside the cell[62].

  After reading this material in Wikipedia, I was struck by the power that is represented on the planet Earth-the Virus. And already the phrase that there are DNA-containing viruses and RNA-containing viruses; I finally “finished”.

  And “finished” me in the fact that I already knew for 40-50 years what RNA and DNA are. I will devote a separate Chapter to this knowledge. In General, I decided That if so and the virus is 2-thirds of the biological construction of man, then for sure it took part in the creation and design of Life on Earth, starting with the simplest microorganisms to the highest forms of life, warm-blooded and breathing animals of the planet, including of course Man as the most highly organized, self-taught only being on earth capable of synthesis and creativity. Agree reader after reading this factual and proven material to avoid the temptation to think like me (above) is very difficult. But it turns out I fell into heresy with the rise of the Virus as the only and unique Creator of Life on the planet Earth. As I continued reading I realized that modern science tends to consider not a Virus but a Bacterium as the progenitor of Life on Earth. More precisely, a co-author along with mitochondria. But about this dear reader in the next part of Chapter 2 ” about viruses and around. Notes of an Amateur. Part 1-I»

   Thank you for being with me. Please leave your comments (any from thumbs up and just thank you to expanded) otherwise I do not know Your attitude to what I wrote. If you want to subscribe to the latest news and new articles on my blog. In continuation of this unexpected work for me and part 2 of Chapter 2, I plan to write a Chapter “How Soviet popular science magazines helped Soviet schoolchildren choose a profession and made them Soviet scientists”, in continuation of the topic, I plan to write a Chapter “about the possibility of a third world war” which will be devoted to modern geopolitics and international relations today. All these and other questions were raised by the most relevant and most global issue of COVID-19 today.

Al. Prok. Ramat-Gan. 5/13/2020


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