Hey comrade –aren’t you from Wuhan?!

The incident in the blue car
Named Earth


Hey comrade –aren’t you from Wuhan?!

No! I’m Moroccan!

Are you dark?!

I’m from Sudan!

help you

In your household

cleaning to house

 and on building sites

And you are a comrade ?!

Accidentally from Wuhan?!

– I”m – Ohanetz?!

Why is it bad

Talking about people ?!


I’m Georgian! Undastand?!

– Sorry Genatsvale!

He didn’t recognize his own!

You’re very dark.

– So my mother gave birth to me, boy (bicho! )


Maybe you’re a friend –

from Wuhan?! – just that

 You don’t know yet?!

But how will you know

 – Do you understand?”

It will be too late!

All of us here

 In this car

Eat this infection Chinese

That thing with the crown, Wuhan!

Oh, and Quick thing

This damn virus

Today without permission

It flew into our mouths

And tomorrow you can’t fart!

Nor oxygen in itself breathe…!

Your bronchi are like a colander

Just holes

Instead of a fine sieve!

And the lungs are our main gate!

In our native belly!

Yesterday these lungs were

like a sail in the wind

Today as a rag empty without air…





And horror and horror…

All around is hopeless darkness

I’m going out, I’m going out

In the firmament of earth

Like a shooting

The blue star!

Someone, people!

Let me breathe…

One last…

Doctor, doctor save me

What You should do

I lack

Only one…

A SIP of oxygen

I’m suffocating like a fish on dry land!

Mouth air catch and catch

Mummy, mummy

Give birth for Christ’s sake, back!

I don’t want to be here

 it’s painful and scary here…!


Citizens passengers

Spaceship Earth-Moon- commodity station

 And further on demand

You will be notified

There will be no landing

Оn Mars today

Rampant there on Mars


The younger brother of our COVID-19

In their Royal family!

Not a kid-but a flying devil!

That bastard

Flying on Mars

Like a Hummingbird!

I opened my mouth a little and gaped.

He immediately flies

In and you’re a Martian dead man


Attention attention

Citizens of the Tau Chinese, and tourists

Return to the ship immediately

And take your old seats in the cabin

Tau- Kita  spaceport does not give

Permission to land

They will have

It’s been a month

Like a pandemic



From the same picture

Of the Royal family.

The bastard mutated alone…

Yes, so hard…

One day

And you’re covered in ringworm

What’s above, what’s below, what’s behind

And across the navel

And lower! Horror!

Men and women on Tau kita

Very imagine –hairy!

Attention attention

All venereal passengers!

He’ll be talking to You now

Commander of the spaceship.

Attention! Ladies and gentlemen. Look to your left! Fly around the planet Venus! Landing Is Dangerous! Мen’s eggs fly off there. Horror …!

I regret to inform You

Dear Venusians and tourists!

There will be no landing on Venus! Dangerous!

On Venus for a month

Аlready walking Clap-19.

Affects only men

Childbearing age.

The etymology is simple.

And the right egg of the Lord

And the right egg of the Lord

Also already under question…

Accidentally looked at the lady’s ass

And the end …!

oday Petya and Vasya

They are going to Abu Dhabi to work!

There is an urgent need in the harems the eunuchs

With knowledge of Russian …without a dictionary.

It is desirable to know also Windows-10th!

Of course, sorry for the men!

But boy, sorry

Neuter Bob

It’s your own fault!

Why are you on the ass of citizen Petrova

He stared…

As much as 10 minutes!

Besides the poor man was sweating all over

From the desire to touch it urgently…

Of course it’s harsh!

Who’s arguing?

On our earth

For this act, they give only

3 to 5 years in prison…

But with the confiscation of property

In favor of the injured ladies!

And you see there on Venus

What have you come up with

Their venereal feminists!

I forgot, Venusians are men

Be on your guard!

The symptoms are simple

Before that

a criminal act

Men’s balls ache

As if in anticipation

Coming separation

With the owner …who else?!

Drop everything and run to the surgeon

Maybe he’ll still have time to sew it on…

Venusian women can go ashore

Hello to your feminist

But I would stay if I were you

The Venus times reports

Number of castrates on Venus

Already more than 15%!

Good luck to all Venusians and Venusians!

Commander of the spaceship

Petro Sahaidachny

First class pilot

(not married yet…)


to be continued

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