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The cosmos villages of Upper Holes and the Lower Hills. In the center of the United villages 

 V  I  R  U  S

 . Su-27 dangerous interception

On August 23, 2018, the RAF took off from a military air base in Romania to escort a Russian aircraft in the sky over the Black sea. The defense Ministry said that the Russian patrol plane was performing a planned flight along the borders of the Russian Federation and did not violate any international law over the black sea.е

The British plane came dangerously close to the Russian one and sent a request for an immediate return to its base. However, the Russian plane did not follow the requirements of the British pilot and safely continued the mission. The RAF plane chased the Russian plane for another 3 hours and then returned to base. (east. website “Golden Valley” Bravo! Thank you-Chok-Chok editor)


On whom the peaceful sky over the planet earth depends.

Гаврила Принцип 21-го века. Gavrila Principle of the 21st century

Алло, Израиль! Я тебя уничтожу! Hello Israel I will destroy you

  Many have already tried… What happened-do you remember dear Ayatollah…?! Yours, B.Netanyahu.

P.S. If you-the people of Iran themselves do not displace, then Israel and other countries of the world, including Islamic countries – as soon as You seriously threaten peace and tranquility in the middle East (relative, but calm…) – will destroy Your nuclear centrifuges, and missile sites and detachments of the Islamic revolution guards. We will send you to Mecca to beg for your sins before Allah. …refrain from new ones…We will be happy to help you with technology, experience and Israeli doctors in the fight against coronovirus in Iran. On this issue, I agree and stand in solidarity with our neighbor, Sheikh Nasrallah. This infection really does not recognize borders and does not distinguish a Muslim from a Jew, a white race from a black one, a man from a woman, does not shad the old and the young. Peace and prosperity to You. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the state of Israel.(относительному, но спокойствию… – уничтожит и Ваши атомные центрифуги, и ракетные площадки и отряды стражей исламской революции. Вас отправим в Мекку замаливать грехи перед аллахом. …воздержитесь от новых…Будем рады оказать Вам помощь технологиями, опытом и израильскими врачами в борьбе с короновирусом в Иране. В этом вопросе я согласен и солидарен с нашим соседом шейхом Насраллой. Эта зараза действительно не признает границ и не отличает мусульманина от иудея, белую расу от черной, мужчину от женщины, не шадит стариков и летей. Мира Вам и процветания. Беньямин Нетаниягу, премьер-министр государства Израиль. 

1918 год. Сестра милосердия.  1918. Sister of mercy

1918 год. Солдаты 1-ой мировой войны.    1918. Soldiers of the 1st world war





  And yet …here Fedor Dormidotich nephew just arrived from Moscow-mother. Very learned guy. Associate Professor of Moscow state University! And Fyodor Dormidontovich sleeps soundly. Two bottles that he bet on for your Twitter drank our Fedya almost without snacks. Says he was tired with your Twitter very difficult and tricky protection it turned out . So we talked to the guys here and decided before he got up and started fixing your Twitter and restoring its protection let this associate Professor talk to You as a scientist. Hello Mr. President of the United States,- you, come on, guy, in Russian, so that we understand what we are talking about. What if you ‘re going to fight with him like a scientist?! We don’t need this! We are going to be friends with America.  –  Don’t worry, guys, I just said Hello in their language, which is English. I will continue in Russian so that You understand. They’ll translate it. It would have been better if one of their guys, Dmitry Simes, had done it . – Why him?”! – And he is smart and experienced – such a translation will not lie. Then I in Russian don ‘t worry, to argue with the Great neighbor the last stupid thing. Hello, Mr. President, Donald trump. Russia and America are two great nuclear powers today. The rest of the world and Europe and Asia and Africa are watching us, or rather the behavior of our two superpowers – and they are afraid! And there is , for what! If we are alone If we sneeze at the same time, the whole world will have a Coronavirus oops –wah- wah – as my teacher says , he is from Odessa, Professor Mikhail Abramovich Rabinovich. Now a billion-dollar China has sneezed – and believe me, this is a small thing in the global world today. And things aren ‘t as bad as the papers say. Read about the gripe “Spaniard” already in our 20th century in 1918. Around the world, 550 million people were infected or or 29.5% of the world’s population. About 50-100 million people died, 2.7-5.3% of the world’s population. The mortality rate among infected people was 10-20% (Wikipedia). Fortunately, COVID-19 (Spanish women of the 21st century) does not have the same severe clinical picture as the “Spanish woman” of the early 20th century. It is facilitated in the sense that most of the infected can be cured by modern medicine. But most importantly, why am I telling you these details that you are well aware of, Mr. President?! And most importantly it consists in the fact that the Spanish flu pandemic took place in the final and difficult year of the 1st world war , 1918…! World War and Pandemic… double punishing sword-for our grave sins… Spare the man , the slave, and your son, my G-d…

  Today, glory to God, we, the people of the planet Earth, are fighting only a terrible pandemic, alas, which has already claimed the lives of many and many people on our planet…but we do not experience the horror and hardships of the War, which in 1918 was accompanied by Moloch “Spaniards”. … But if you think about it, the World war in which half the world is involved is a PANDEMIC – only of a different, different kind… And it is more dangerous than a pandemic infection – because the strains of infection kill only human flesh – and the strains of War devour and maim human souls many, many years after the last shot …

  Today, the main areas of the KV pandemic are known and localized at the state level in almost all countries of the world. The etymology of the virus is intensively studied by virologists. There will be -I’m sure both serum and effective protection. All the difficulties that exist in the world today from this infection just consist in the economic, technical and cultural progress that humanity has achieved in the 21st century. People of almost all countries of the world are free they move around our globe, avoiding only those fortunately few territories where there is a war and some people destroy others. In addition, they are so proud that they live in the 21st century, know and know a lot that some of them forget to wash their hands after the toilet. (other “cultural” hastily wipe their hands with a sanitary napkin – which does not give a full guarantee no infection!) And in the 19th century, hands were washed…soap! Slowly and carefully… Our age has very, very different speeds and habits. How many of us remember writing letters with a pen on paper?! And there is no Delete button on the paper. What engineers of the early 20th century would have come up with the idea to come up with a device that blocks calls from an unwanted caller…?! Alexander bell’s phone was a boon to humanity. How many people the 911 phone saved their lives in America, and the 03 phone (ambulance) in the USSR and Russia. Blocking another person’s phone for no particular reason is killing that person’s voice, which may be calling for help. …And it will not respond to him on any day or hour of the week. and in the next will not respond to a person who does not want to listen and hear other people, because he is always busy and busy – and they interfere with him – or are not interested – and today he needs to hear the voices of people – because, trouble is with him – and he needs advice, help, or just talk out loud and not about himself – BUT there IS no ANSWER and the voices of these people, because, the voices of these people were killed yesterday …one button, one button… …

  No, no, Mr. President Donald trump I’m still young and I don’t have Parkinson’s disease. I just love the metaphor it sometimes helps to Express an important idea more clearly and vividly. For example, if you, Mr. President, click the block button on President Putin’s calls, and he blocks You. And then your example will be followed by XI Jinping – the World of people on the planet Earth from this moment will be doomed… Unless Mrs Merkel has time to call a simple phone and say in Russian “Vladimir, what happened. I got a call from Donald, for some reason via Japan, and he says he can’t reach You (you…?!) call, all the time there are beeps-busy! Everything is possible in this life and in this century. And none of the presidents of the superpowers blocked the phone. In the Atlantic ocean, a deep earthquake occurred and severed the transatlantic communication cable. This coincided with a strong solar flare that caused an erroneous reaction of the protection equipment against eavesdropping or penetration from outside. Long-range air communication was blocked. (Sorry, I’m not an expert here… But the fact is, no one could have predicted – that of the entire family of coronaviruses hitherto harmless and not causing human disease, suddenly one of them mutated and became a monster COVID19…)

I normally talk to men, that is, I write to Donald Trump on Twitter?! “It’s okay, it’s okay!” Only oddly you are soaring about the phone, this, but you are a durcent, you know better … listen, men, and this good woman Merkel turns out to be – let’s also hack Twitter and congratulate her on March 8… Petka and Vaska also don’t wash their hands after this, well, relief… They’ll spit on their hands and that’s it! We need to check them for corona virus. Continue on scientific, good, Terminowych, nephew! – Thank you guys. But it’s not enough to wash your hands and wear a mask – the main Thing is to include your head more often. If possible, avoid places that have been visited by many people. Do not touch the handrails with bare hands without gloves, etc. This virus affects people in close contact. Probably, one and a half or two meters is optimal. I don’t know, I’m not a virologist. Interestingly, this virus, or rather the threat of infection, brought many different people together in the world. For example, Sheikh Nasrallah spoke about international cooperation in the fight against coronavirus. Truly, as John Chrysostom said: “… where there is neither Greek nor Jew…”: It even seemed to me that this virus can even “cure the heads” of many famous people in our evil, aggressive world…..?! How it, alas, was in the last century and appears in the 21st century, in its first third…! What do you think President trump is?!

  Now to the main point. The coronavirus only distracted me – from the main issues of our time.  But I will finish about it and then move on to the main topic. … …Only less than 3 months have been known about it, and it has so excited the whole world.  The numbers are not intimidating, but they are very serious. As of March 17, 197,412 cases of infection have been confirmed in 163 countries and territories, and 7,953 deaths. (Wikipedia). Perhaps it is in some gradations still comparable to the flu pandemic ” Spaniard in 1918 in Europe. Another thing is the precedent – it (coronavirus) began to seriously affect the main areas of the world economy, in particular one of the notable areas – the free movement of people in the world (tourism and business) and on the ground within cities and settlements. My friend from Israel told me that since Sunday, March 15, canyons, major shopping centers are closed all over the country, and no more than 10 people are allowed in stores and pharmacies. The mass of workers are practically left without means of subsistence. The state can only pay for their vacation… there was a message On the Israeli Internet that perhaps in the near future they will recommend not to leave the house at all… Cool – as the young say. This may be effective, but there is also an element of panic. And it comes not from the ordinary citizen, but from the government, which is represented by officials, not specialists. Of course, the optimal solution is in the Golden mean, but And it comes not from the ordinary citizen, but from the government, which is represented by officials, not specialists. Of course, the optimal solution is in the Golden mean, but to find and develop it, you need to move your brain, which (sorry) many officials do not have. The human factor has acquired no less important aspect than the incubation period (from 2 to 20 days). And the unexpected discovery of a precedent circumstance – the disease becomes contagious before symptoms appear-makes it difficult to fight it. Of course, in this case, the most vulnerable are the elderly and children. For, they can infect young people who are not distinguished by perseverance, but on the contrary are very mobile and extremely careless. I believe that the state should introduce a certain penalty for people who do not seek medical help even with the slightest signs of a cold. His, this man’s, this man’s doubts (that he didn’t catch a cold – but got infected!) and laziness simply mean the risk of infection of tens, hundreds, thousands of people in a short time… this punishment is provided by law for people with AIDS and venereal diseases.

And yet again, the unfortunate human factor. Its main qualities in the 21st century are suggestibility, self-confidence and carelessness. There have been many things in our human history, including the terrible and terrifying – for example, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If it has already happened, it can happen again. Alas, but this is so…according to world history!  What if two world superpowers sneeze at each other not with a virus, but with an atom…?! As a maximum, this is the end of human civilization, at least a “nuclear winter” in certain regions of the planet. The fact is that war has its own laws and traditions. And no army in the world is going to give up on them. The reasons, the occasion, the forces that unleashed the military conflict and finally who is personally to blame-as a rule, begin their inevitable movement after people on both sides have died. But the main thing is that the Military Vehicles, which have always had a bad history of reversing, are seen in action. For, such is their nature-only forward with coverage on the flanks…


And that’s why I, an associate Professor at a world-famous University, want to give you advice to US President Donald Trump. Put your Democrats (not all of them, but only the hawks) in one place (behind your back). They have been promoting The threat of Vladimir Putin’s Russia for years. And you, Mr. President, are being treated as an “accomplice” of Russia, attributing to You what was not in reality.  Believe me – this is not the first and not the last impeachment. They use the “Putin Threat” as thieves use a skeleton key. Only these “thieves” want to open the door to the Oval office and throw You out, Mr. President. They want power?! – YES! This fact is not a secret of polichinel! Power is money, influence…?! YES! And for the way to power, they know from history-any tools are suitable, including those that smell bad and are twisted on fraud and lies, and, alas, almost on a global scale. But along the way, they spin a spiral of hatred, dislike and suspicion against one country in the world, tying other countries to it and almost on a global scale in this world. But why…?! After all, the Pax Americana factor went into the past with the collapse of the USSR. A new superpower, China, has emerged. But in addition, regional economies have become stronger! And so much so that in the future, the United States, China, and Russia may offer serious resistance in the common Union. Why do many democratic figures spin this spiral of hostility concerned not with the security of America, but with their own Mercantile interests?! After all, this spiral will make a circle like a boomerang and return to its owners. And their homes and the homes of their children will already be in flames and ruins… …

  They create a social atmosphere of such intensity and acuteness that you will not have to look for a new Gavrilo Princip. He will come and press the button … neither the us President nor Russia can stop Him…! Formally, according to history, they-these presidents of powers will be guilty of a new world war of the 21st century. But in fact, provocateurs, direct and indirect, must answer for this. The gun of G. Princip was fired in Sarajevo three times, it seems. But it was loaded and directed by quite different people long before that, both in Sarajevo itself and in Austria-Hungary itself, and far, far away from Sarajevo…! Unfortunately, this is still the way the modern paradigm of human history works. And create a precedent for a court decision to revoke a license for at least one newspaper in America because of creating an international atmosphere of suspicion and intolerance, forgery of facts, inciting one nuclear power against another, ignoring the national interests and security of Europe, actions collectively directed against the national interests and the Declaration of independence of the United States, etc….Sorry, it seems my uncle is coming to his senses and will be reinstalling Your Twitter account and closing it to external intruders. Just a second. He Asks me to say, that is, to write in English what he wants to say to You. He says he could give You his personal security code. But it will be , it will be 3 bottles with a good American snack for your taste. And okay still your moonshine whisky. I forgot, sorry, He can’t find any traction for his motorcycle Harvey-Davidson 1980 year of manufacture. He wants to apologize for hacking Your Twitter account. The men asked very much for business: what is there about the chess horse, You, Donald Themr and Vladimir Putin. I didn’t understand. Peace and happiness to your great country. It’s a pity my car doesn’t drive because of the traction. I’ll pay in dollars for the traction. If someone in the future .go to your Twitter without permission call our village Council of Pits Upper or Lower Hills. Everyone knows me – they will call me. We’ll come up with a new security code. And I’ll hack their computers so they don’t mess around anymore. And all for free – I am offended for the power and my Russia and America. The phone number of the village Council +7 495 7864311

 Thank you, Mr. President, for listening to a simple associate Professor at Moscow state University. Sincerely, candidate of philosophy Stepan Lomonosov. 08.03.2020 Russia. Moscow.



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