Crazy news from chok-chok (Koronavirus to Paris. Tramp and Putin -knight’s move.

About the coronavirus

The newspaper “Figaro” (There – Here in France) reports that

                            V   I  R  U  S 

Freely walks around the territory of France and its surroundings: (like) Belgium, Germany, and even (horror!) at the Monte-Carl. 2 disturbing reports were made to the French police by the vigilant French. 2 Chinese were seen near Notre Dame Cathedral.  “Do they really want to finish off the Cathedral after the fire…?!-thought the vigilant French. Near the Eiffel tower, 3 Chinese people were already seen strolling. Messages while after that on the place De Pigalle have seen 5 pieces of Chinese –French gendarmerie (Chinese Department) broke down and went to the scene of the accident.  The Chinese detainees did not answer any questions asked by French gendarmerie officers Li van Luc and Si Jin Le Pen in pure Chinese!  Finally, one of the “Chinese” guessed what was going on . “Ask your questions in either Russian or Buryat” The detained Buryats from Russia were nevertheless placed in the Pasteur Institute for examination. When asked by a Bayard press reporter what they, Russian Buryats , ar e doin g i n France. Drilling master Bator Erdynkubaev said that they came to see Plase and PigaliFestivals, climb the Eiffel tower and go to Monte Carlo – ” there is little-little money»

Silent horrors of the White house

Reliable sources reported that the other night, US President Donald Trump was quietly horrified to find an entry he had not published on his personal Twitter account. “Russian hackers…?!», – Donald thought at once. And it was not far from the truth. The recording was in Russian. “Hello dear but respected President of the great country of America. We chess a Commonwealth of the «Upper Holes» and the «Lower Mounds» as You heard comrade Mr. President renew their country. You change the old that prevents you from living for a new, progressive one! Last week we celebrated Melania’s day ( Melania’s birthday according to the Orthodox calendar). We have almost half of the village – Melania! Got together with the guys and Fyodor Potekhin meticulous man and said, what men are here are we going to endure this mess! “What a mess?! ” we ask. But a responsible Fedor Dormidontovich ” the Horse went over the centuries, the letter GE so to this day, and walks . How long? Tired! It’s time to change his path. We thought with the boys and decided. And let him walk with the letter T in black figures, and the letter P in white figures! And you can change this conservatism with the letter G. «

«How do you think, Mr. President, we decided well with the boys?! Maybe you and Putin will at least have an understanding at chess … for now…for a start. And then, God willing , solve more serious problems. And yet …to Fedor Darmanovic nephew just arrived from Moscow-mother. Listen to him he won’t say anything bad. A very learned man. Associate Professor at the Moscow Institute of international relations . Hello Mr. President! The residents of my village asked me to write to You. You see, Russia and America are two great nuclear powers today. The rest of the world and Europe and Asia and Africa are watching us, or rather our behavior-and they are afraid! And there is for that! If we sneeze at the same time, the whole world will have a Coronavirus Oi – VA=VOI-– as they say in Odessa, the old Jews who still knew for a Mishka japan! Now a billion Chinese people sneezed  – and this is believe the little things in the gloabal world today. And things aren’t as bad as the papers say. Read about the gripe “Spaniard” already in our 20th century, 1918-1918. Around the world, 550 million people or 29.5% of the world’s population were infected. Today, the main areas of the KV pandemic are known and localized at the state level of almost all mtras in the world. The etymology of the virus is intensively studied by virologists. Will-I am sure and serum. After all, we are people of the 21st century! The main thing is not to wash your hands and wear a mask (and this is also necessary) – the main thing is to include your head. But this is all flowers (that is, little things) as the Russians say. The berries ahead. I mean, if these two superpowers sneeze at each other, not with a firus, but with an atom. At most, this is the end of human civilization, at least a “nuclear winter” in certain regions of the planet. That’s why I’m an associate Professor at a world-famous University I want to give you some advice to us President Donald Trump. Put your Democrats in one place (not all of them, just the hawks). Are they hyping D. Trump’s threat to America?! Yes! They want power-YES! Power is money, influence. YES! But along the way, they unleash a spiral of hatred, dislike and suspicion against Putin’s Russia – all over the world. Not just in America. They create a public atmosphere of such intensity and acuteness that it is not necessary to look for a new Gavrilova Principle. He will come and push the buttonhe will not be able to stop either the us President or Russia…! Formally, according to history, they will be to blame for the new world war of the 21st century. But in fact, provocateurs, direct and indirect, must answer for this. G. Principle’s gun fired three times in Sarajevo, it seems. But it was directed by other people long before that…!And create a precedent for a court decision to revoke a license for at least one newspaper in America because of creating an international atmosphere of suspicion and intolerance, falsifying facts, inciting one nuclear power against another, ignoring the national interests and security of Europe, acting collectively against the national interests and the Declaration of independence of the United States, etc.Thank you, Mr. President, for listening to a simple associate Professor of MGIMO. Sincerely, Stepan Lomonosov. 08.03.2020 Russia.

P.S. With great rural respect, chess players are fans of the Lower hills and Upper pits. And don’t worry about your Twitter account, zemel. This is our local installer on the bottle bet that will fit into the Twitter account of any politician in the world. “And the President is weak( can you)?! “, we asked our Fedya-monter. “It depends on what. Here is the Twitter of the President of Burkina Faso will not be able to crack.”Why?! Fedya was asked. “He doesn’t have a Twitter account.» – Well, the President of America’s Twitter…?! He every day in it – that any Yes vyaknet (will tell) the world. Directly personal D. Тrump Agency Reuters turns out. I would write directly on my Twitter: Reuters 2 And I Donald trump reports…”. – “Why do you guys need D. trump’s Twitter?!”- “For an important chess case, you need it.” –« In General, I respect President Donald and Frederick trump. Although he is a very smart man, but he knows his business. But since You have an important business for him – I will try friends!” And then you’re Donald Frederick’s son-you know! He got Into your Twitter account, and we wrote to you in it” But by the evening when he sobers up, he will return everything as it was – in place! He’s not a hacker, our Fedya. He tried for the cause! And You already today on the evening train your horse walk letter T. Double congratulations to You with the past 23 th February….ugh, happy March 8. Let  You all Melania Boudet be traffic nice and peaceful!


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