Election 2021. Israel

23.03.2021, 14-40

Election 2021

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  So, We, the people Israel, Once again plunged into the atmosphere of a bright Election holiday! Elections …?! What is Not There…?! The election of the one who is Not…?! Alas, but sporadically, this is often observed in the nature of things, in history. The event seems to happen, but the desired result, the goal of the event are not achievable, dead-end. All the energy of the process (and the money spent) went into the void!

The lack of stable, rational processes of state development, the disorientation of a society divided by ideologies, separated from reality and at the mercy of illusions. Absurd, a game of circumstances against the background of empty ambitions, the voluntarism of individual national leaders and elites. This is all we, the people of Israel, are watching here and now! Yes, in nature, history, such unhealthy and absurd processes in politics have no future, they are not given to survive in a certain perspective of time. But while the harvest they have time to shoot plentiful…Of course, at the expense of the people of Israel, their stable future! In the meantime, Goodbye common sense…! He simply has no place – neither for the government nor for the people. Everything is at the mercy of the game of circumstances, the celebration of accidents and the holiday of cheaters and demagogues…


Well, are we the people of Israel?! Still alive! And glory to God! The crown is the scourge of God, slowly but surely we are getting rid of…! The power of the unjust corrupting arbitrariness-while we tolerate and do not grumble… But when the time comes, we will find our way, and we will confirm our word. For WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL! Everything has happened in our history! Overcome!!! And they found themselves. God grant that we will find ourselves in the future! Let us establish ourselves as a people who know what they want and can say their weighty and decisive Word in defense of it! And so be it!

P.S. The most likely outcome of the current election – no one will be able to win and gain the coveted, but fatal in our history figure 61. The second option – the case will be decided by our historical brothers, or… Remember at the last election there was a man with a big key on his shoulder. From time to time, he waved it over the crowd, “Wow, I’ll see you now!” People around him said – “…this is the key to winning the election. Here’s a young man and this is with a meager number of mandates, a dodger!” But, alas, the key did not go into action. Another housekeeper was found. He suggested, ” Bibi, let’s drive the napopals!” Bibi agreed, but said – ” Chur, I’m driving first!” Beni understood. that he made a mistake only two years later, when it was his turn to steer. But today, with 8 seats in this election, he can theoretically repeat his historic maneuver and save Israel from the next election and at the same time help Likud and Bibi. The only question is the order of taxiing… so that it doesn’t turn out like last time …Beni lost both his name and his credentials. Well, and what about the first keyman…? Yes, he survived, the trickster and still with the key …scumbag. He is the only fisherman on his pond. Builds new combinations…

A unique case in the history of Israel. The maniacal desire to scrape off the power of one person in Israel sweeps away ideological barriers and idiosyncrasies of each other, both red and white and green. And this desire is completely disinterested. Well, is it a secret desire to finally eliminate the most powerful and dangerous competitor from the political arena? So, the “Block of Changes” is the last feature of the opposition only in one thing – to remove the prime minister who has been sitting at the helm. The rest of the parties traditionally settled in the shopping row in anticipation of hot serious bidding. To the traditional veterans of the mandate trade, a new seller is rushing with an exclusive Islamic product. In general, it’s fun on the Israeli street.

Al. Prok, 23.03.2021, Bnei brak

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