COVID-19. 2020-07-12. Chronicle of the time of troubles


COVID-19. 2020-07-12. Chronicle of the time of troubles

   Viewing the battlefield you can’t help but fix new facts established by scientists of the world about the worst enemy of humanity today. They (new information) are unfortunately still scattered and do not give a complete picture of the enemy. But in the struggle for human life, they are undoubtedly positive and important.

  So, what has long been known and obvious without the research of scientists. The deadly virus is more dangerous for the elderly and people with chronic diseases than for other people.  “The largest statistical study of risk factors for death from COVID-19 has been published in the journal Nature. The research was based on electronic medical records of 17 million Britons, 10,000 of whom died from coronavirus. A British study shows that none of the risk factors can match the strength of age. Going over the age of 60 doubles the risk (compared to the age group of 50+), after 70 years-almost triples (compared to 60+), and after 80 years, the risk of death from coronavirus increases almost four times, so that for people 80+ the risk is 20 times higher than for 50-59 — year-olds.

After age, the strongest risk factors are organ transplantation and malignant blood disease, even after 5-year remission-the mortality rate in these patients is three times higher. People who survive other types of cancer are no longer at an increased risk of death from a coronavirus infection five years later.

  Among other diseases, the most severe risk factors are acute stroke or dementia, other neurological diseases, severe kidney disorders, severe obesity, and high blood sugar in untreated type II diabetes. All these conditions increase the risk of death by 2-2. 5 times and burden the prognosis of patients with COVID-19 to the same extent as severe deprivation (chronic poverty, dissatisfaction with basic needs). Chronic respiratory diseases, liver diseases and diabetes with effectively controlled sugar levels increase the risk of death by about 1.7-1.8 times, and a removed spleen-by 40%. Chronic heart disease, severe asthma (in which the patient takes corticosteroids), autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis) increase the risk of death from COVID-19 by about 30%.

  Strangely enough, hypertension in Britain was not included in the number of risk factors — the death rate for hypertensive patients was even slightly lower than for people with normal blood pressure. Smoking also does not worsen, and other things being equal (age, gender, weight, background diseases) even slightly improves the prognosis.  At the same time, former smokers had a higher risk than those who did not give up the bad habit. The authors of the study were confused by these results and concluded that the protective properties of Smoking are not confirmed, but it clearly does not apply to risk factors.»

  However, the clinical picture of all this depressing statistics does not provide a definite and meaningful Answer.And what else does the virus do when it reproduces freely in the human body, which, together with the listed chronic diseases, kills it…?! Mysterious sounds ” malignant blood disease, even after 5 years of remission-the mortality rate in such patients is three times higher. People who have survived other types of cancer are no longer at an increased risk of death from a coronavirus infection. “” … a removed spleen increases the risk of death by 40%”! I will give to the readers of the information from the encyclopedia about how unprecedented the most important functions in the human body, this body – the spleen.  “The most important is, of course, the immune function of the spleen. It is in the spleen that specific antibodies are synthesized that help the body fight various infections (both viral and bacterial).» Of course, this is close to our topic! But since it is known that the human immune system is not able to resist in any way the penetration of the coronovirus and its approval in the human body, I would pay attention to other functions of the spleen. They are no less important than the production of antibodies. “The spleen is the main source of immune cells circulating in the blood – lymphocytes. Spleen cells are able to capture and process toxins. … The filtration function of the spleen is to control the shaped elements of blood. The spleen is the place where the “old” red blood cells are recognized and destroyed. Important is the ability not only to destroy defective red blood cells but also to accumulate shaped elements of blood-red blood cells leukocytes platelets. However, the spleen is not a vital organ and in some diseases or injuries it is removed. “People who have undergone such surgery significantly increase the risk of bacterial infections, up to the development of sepsis. In addition, there are lifelong changes in the number and structure of red blood cells.”  Hence the conclusion: it is the absence of the spleen that largely determines the quality of blood (blood cells) and determines the risk of up to 40% if a person with a removed spleen becomes infected with coronovirus.

    The circulatory system of a person is not the first time it is found in the statistics of death from coronavirus. But the details of how the virus (or its products) living in the human respiratory system enters the blood and then what happens in the body – alas, have not yet been established. In the first place, according to the risk factor, people who have undergone organ transplantation. But here we can at least assume (but not assert!) that this is due to the fact that a person in need of a foreign organ transplant somehow suppressed their own immune system, because it simply destroys the transplanted foreign organ. In all other cases, too, we can assume that people with chronic diseases, one way or another (perhaps as a result of the course of these diseases or treatment, taking immunosuppressive drugs) weakened immune system…?! …. There are almost no publications on the topic of how patients with coronavirus are cured. The body of the supposedly cured person shows the absence of the virus after the test. Is there a return to its previous physiological and functional status according to indications, or are there still consequences…?! It is possible that there is no damage to any organs, but rather a lack of functionality. What is achieved at the chemical (genetic) level, when the virus is destroyed and ceases to be present in the body. And, finally, most importantly – why is the well-known classic case of the presence of protective antibodies in a person after an infectious disease is not in the case of coronovirus a reliable panacea from the possibility of re-infection…?! And this, in turn, is a very, very bad sign. In this case, it casts doubt on the future vaccine. And not only in our situation with the COVID-19 virus. Classic and yet the only way to protect against infection in the form of aktsionirovanija may assign the position to a new virus …?! Apparently, Yes! At least the opinions of many scientists are very pessimistic about the future of the vaccine. And in the event of future possibly dangerous mutations of the virus, humanity may completely lose the only effective weapon against infections…?! In this case, an effective medicine for an already infected person is no less important than a vaccine.

  Still, if the statistics of people who died from coronavirus and the mechanical correlation of their risk diseases are given, then why is there no statistics (information, systematics) of pathologists ‘ conclusions? This is surprising…! In the 21st century, the tool of pathoanatomic research is quite a voluminous and objective tool that determines the picture of the main causes of death. At least it is not disputed in lawsuits when a mistake is made in the treatment of a person by medical staff.

  In conclusion, the following interesting message. Again, we are talking about blood. “A group of scientists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem believe that they have found a means to turn the SARS-CoV-2 virus from a terrible tiger into a domestic cat with sharp, but not dangerous, claws. Jerusalem Professor Yaakov Nahmias and Dr. Benjamin tenover from Mount Sinai hospital in new York conducted a study that showed that the old drug fenofibrate (tricor), used to reduce cholesterol in the blood, can prevent the virus from reproducing and thus almost destroy it. In the past three months, two scientists and their colleagues have been closely studying the behavior of the virus in the lungs. They found that the new coronavirus prevents the body from burning carbohydrates, resulting in the cells accumulating a large amount of fat necessary for the virus to reproduce.

“Once we understand how SARS-CoV-2 controls our metabolism (metabolism), we can take that control away from it and deprive it of the necessary resources for life,” Professor Nehmias explained in an interview with the Jerusalem Post. The mechanism discovered by scientists helps to understand why people with diabetes and high cholesterol are at particular risk after infection. “Viruses are parasites. They can’t reproduce on their own. They can’t produce new viruses. They have to get into the human cell and steal it, ” explains the Professor of the mechanism of the disease.

The next step is simple: Nahmias and his American colleague took eight FDA-approved drugs that correct metabolism. It turned out that “tricor”, forcing cells to burn fat, completely destroys the virus in five days. Experiments were conducted several times with equal success in laboratories in Israel and the United States with tissue samples from different lungs. Currently, a group of scientists is going to start animal testing and start clinical trials in a few weeks. Nothing prevents this, since this medicine is recognized by the American food and drug administration. The results of the work, carried out with the financial support of the European research Council, were published in the authoritative scientific journal The Cell.»


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