Chapter 5 COVID-19 and 2020. Conclusions. part 1.


Эдвард Дженнер (1749 - 1823)

Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) English physician Edward Jenner-the first to investigate and develop the principle of vaccination on the example of cowpox.

Луи Пастер (1822 - 1895)

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

Louis Pasteur-developed a vaccine against rabies, anthrax and cholera. In the future, Pasteur developed a method for artificially weakening the virus, for better effectiveness and safety of vaccination.


тo Chapter 1 “History of world pandemics”

  Already during the first terrible pandemic, humanity has accumulated invaluable experience in fighting an epidemic of infectious diseases that infects huge masses of people on a huge territory and then kills most of these people as a result of damage to vital organs.

– A. First and foremost, this is the physical separation of sick people (with obvious already known symptoms of a contagious disease) from the healthy part of the population of a city, region, or state.

– B. Тhe Termination of migration of masses of people. It was the migration of people that fanned individual pockets of infected and dying people into fires that spread in a short time over vast expanses and the still healthy population of these spaces. New regions of the earth, other States, and other continents were drawn into the disaster zone. The epidemic of a deadly disease in a short period of time increased the area of the disaster acquiring the character of a pandemic-a global epidemic of a deadly disease.

-С. Immediately noticed the main feature of infectious infection. Close physical contact between people increased the risk of transmission from one infected person to another. Then the disease spread exponentially exponentially. All shop productions and artisans who by virtue of their profession have close physical contact with the customer, the buyer of their products ceased their activities. This was the only guarantee not to be infected yourself and not to become a source of disease for a large mass of people….. In our modern practice, these are the professions of hairdressers, masseurs, pedicures, manicures and others. This list of risk professions includes both medical and sanitary-epidemiological activities. But here completely in all cases exclude close contact in contrast to all other professions and cases can not be! Therefore, special measures and rules of protection are taken here. Unfortunately, this does not prevent cases of infection of doctors, nurses and unfortunately the death of medical staff as they say at the combat post.

– D. The authorities of many medieval cities in Europe and Asia had the practice of not allowing the dead to rot in the streets, squares and in their homes, and burn them so that they do not become sources of disease in the presence of hordes of animals , insects that could become carriers of the disease. (In our modern history, fortunately animals are excluded from the chain carry coronaviruses.)

– E. It has been observed that simple rules of hygiene and sanitary standards dramatically reduce the risk of infection. This was extremely effective in times of cholera, typhoid, and dysentery epidemics.

– F. in 1919, during the Spanish flu pandemic, fabric masks were used. They did not provide a complete guarantee of non-infection, but in many ways reduced the risk of infection. (the same applies to our current situation with COVID-19, masks, gloves)

– G. English physician J. Jenner was the first to discover a method of vaccination against smallpox. In 1796, he noticed that farmers who worked with cows infected with cowpox did not suffer from common smallpox. He conducted an experiment and proved that if a person is vaccinated with cowpox, he becomes immune to smallpox. A hundred years later, Louis Pasteur proposed a method of vaccination that became the basis of all future vaccines: he suggested that if the microorganisms that are the causative agents of disease are weakened so much that their inoculation will cause a person to have a mild disease, it will make the inoculated person immune to the disease in the future. The idea worked and successfully took root in medicine.

Here is actually almost the entire human experience of the struggle of the human society of the planet in the fight against dangerous epidemics, in this list of practical and organizational measures, actions from distant history to the present day, there is nothing new or something that canceled (or replaced) at least one item (of course, there is no need to burn corpses today, unless it is a cremation rite! Although to fry a half-dead COVID-19 would probably be a high in the moral sense). The cries and hysterics of modern economists that more people will die as a result of famine or economic troubles than from a pandemic are absolutely untenable! On the contrary, this once again shows that even in the 21st century, a huge number of the World’s population Physically Survives and does not have any “reserve of civilizational strength”, being a step away from the border, where physical hunger begins and what can lead to a banal global or regional economic crisis without epidemics…

A simple situational calculation of possible scenarios suggests that if the governments of the world in the midst of a pandemic suddenly switch to the opposite actions, that is, from draconian, police measures to close dangerous industries for workers, mass gatherings, celebrations, football matches and other mass events without observing protection measures, masks and gloves to the former free life that mankind led before the pandemic, the economy will not have time to take a run-up even in one % of the increase as the people themselves, the masses of people will escape from the production facilities without any state intervention, where a deadly virus can roam freely, from any gathering of people together-as a result of one, but the most ancient and effective instinct – the instinct of self-preservation. Physical hunger and economic ingratitude are only in the future, tomorrow-and death, real and terrible, is walking freely Here and Now. Some will say that not everyone will run away in the hope of earning their daily bread. And this is true! But those who run headlong will be enough to paralyze any production.

Is there a way out of these two opposite strategies, options for action, when in the final case, both lead to the same sad consequences of human defeat (alas, in the gradation where more, where less…)…?! Of course there is! This is an old-fashioned solution to find a middle ground! Where even theoretically it is not possible to find a solution, you should act decisively, harshly and prohibitively!!! In all other cases, and there are many of them in human practice, it is necessary to look for artificial, non-traditional, combinational schemes of actions. To make a reasonable but optimal compromise of preserving human life and not expanding the spread of infection up and down exponentially and continuing the economy in the possible volume and variant, where the compromise is self-valued by moving forward and has calculated, justified risks!  Of course, this is possible if there is the political will of governments, adapted and controlled even in a ” stagnant and conservative» administrative environment. It is also important to be psychologically resistant to the pressure of traditional inertia of thinking, the temptation of affordable and easy solutions. All possible solutions are known and developed by long practice in this Environment. But they Are all legitimate and effective until the hour of «X». After hour X it is known that-the war begins and everything around changes! It is known that in the war, despite the huge losses, specialists and even administrators changed their approaches and often found successful adequate solutions. The pandemic is essentially the same war. And the winner is the one who finds a non-traditional answer to the challenges of changed realities! Therefore, it is necessary to develop new optimal methods of thinking, developing and making decisions in new conditions!!! It is clear that the search for and implementation of new combination solutions will require large financial investments. But the production did not stop at many enterprises of the food industry in many countries of the world. And if there was no information about the spread of the virus, then these combinations were found. The whole question is about professional economic expertise. Perhaps the cost of searching for new ways and methods in the “new environment” will require significantly less money than just passively waiting for the flywheel of the economic crisis to unwind and delay the recovery and recovery of the world economy for a long time!

If you look carefully at the ghostly list of organizational and behavioral actions during the fight against the spread of a dangerous strain of the virus – they, one way or another, are reduced to one, but the most effective protection from infection. Namely, the zealous observance of a “proportionately safe distance” between people of 1.5-2 meters. If we assume that this Fundamental Condition begins to be observed in human society strictly and absolutely, then there is no need, even, to create a vaccine! The pandemic is abruptly on the wane and after 10 days disappears like a dream.Like a nightmare! 10 days-the incubation period of COVID-19. And it is pointless to create a vaccine, because the coming of another dangerous infection in the future already requires the creation of a fundamental new vaccine. Of course, this performance is ideal and not unprofitable. Human society is not a programmable substance! Any and the most powerful impact is hopelessly bogged down in the chaos of variables, nonlinear processes occurring in the original field of its structures and element base.

If this is true – namely, the so-called “safe social distance” is the most effective mechanism for preventing infection – then another more important conclusion should be drawn about the entire history of coronavirus, from the first days in the Chinese province of Wuhan to our current days, may 2020. What qualities of people in the world gave the covid-19 coronovirus the most favorable treatment for infection, human damage?! This is first and foremost Irresponsibility and unfounded self-Confidence! Carelessness. People’s carelessness. Moreover, it should be noted that the manifestation of all qualities was manifested at all stages of the social ladder of human society. From the lowest to the highest. If we talk about the highest, then these examples are known. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was miraculously saved by doctors. In quarantine and visited the German Chancellor Frau Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. And the Prime Minister of Russia. And many others. The omnipotent virus could strike headquarters and government offices as easily as it could ordinary people?! Yes, but only with the help of inattentive, self-confident people themselves (“this can’t happen to me…!”). Then, probably, for the sake of the security of the top officials of the state, tests were widely used. But in the world there were also cases of mass insanity and medieval ignorances. If we talk about Israel, it’s dangerous and criminal samovnusheniya religious part of the population including prominent prominent rabbis of his protection of a chosen face of g-d which they earnestly serve unlike other parts of the population, not the fallible and therefore protected by the higher power!. It also made religious areas hotbeds of infection and killed many innocent people. Killed the weak, sick and old people, and not those who have infected them. If we talk about Europe and America, then irreversible clinical changes in the subcortex of the brain tissue responsible for realistic and critical analysis of the surrounding reality as a result of the harmful effects of the almost century-old “world pandemic of the left worldview”. Conspiracy theory and global conspiracy are the definitive symptoms of this pandemic. Even their own death from coronavirus infection will not be able to force them to give up their fetishes. And, finally, the most dangerous social group of officials of various world missions, a divided world expert community, responsible officials of governments of the world, business groups of international airlines and travel companies of all countries of the world without exception. It was the latter who, having the power and authority to significantly reduce the scale of the pandemic of the dangerous deadly COVID virus-19 on the contrary-provided it with the most-favored-nation regime in the first months of the pandemic. COVID-19 used them in the “dark” as tacit allies to advance into the thickness of human society, taking the lives of thousands of innocent victims, destroying the world economy and breaking the fate of many people, and later their own – I mean the management and employees of airlines, travel companies. Return to normal functioning Alas-Alas, but they themselves delayed… During epidemics, the passenger compartment capsule is physically similar to an incubator, in which the virus spreads easily and conveniently during an international flight in a comfortable environment. … …. ….  All this happened because of their limited Intellectual Potential, corruption, and unconcealed unlimited greed in the face of universal catastrophe.



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