Chapter 4. Part 3. Sketches for a portrait of the era. Who made modern China?!


How capitalism in Europe and America made an agrarian country a superpower  


Capitalism in Europe and America, starting from the 50s of the 20th century and further on, began to experience a hunger for labor resources to maintain the necessary pace of industrial production. In addition, problems of agricultural production have already begun to manifest themselves. The production of products for many small farms became unprofitable for them, since the prices of agricultural products produced were significantly lower than the prices of industrial goods, especially in the field of purchasing new agricultural equipment. This was the first time that European governments thought about subsidizing agricultural producers in order not to leave the population without food, or even worse, to open the borders even wider to cheap imports of foreign agricultural products and thus stifle their own national food production. On the other hand, the task of developing new markets was a native systemic part of capitalism and never left its historical agenda.

The last third of the 20th century marked in the society of Europe and America a number of acute problems that human history has not yet encountered! The improvement of the living conditions of the broad social strata of Europe and America (USA, Canada) actually brought down the Demographics by sharply reducing the reproduction of people, Europeans, Americans, Canadians. Fashionable social trends in the form of the sexual revolution and the feminist movement sharply reduced the prestige of the basic value of civilization which was the institution of the family. In the last third of the 20th century, demographic problems in old Europe and in America ( to a lesser extent) sharply worsened. The birth rate has plummeted. The number of young people is almost an order of magnitude lower than the social group of pensioners and elderly people of pre-retirement age. The extremely low birth rate did not cover the deficit in the most attractive in terms of productivity of young, healthy people. The indigenous populations of Europe and America were aging irreversibly. A qualitatively new improvement in living and working conditions, the success of modern medicine, social innovations in the field of insurance and wages (as a result of the struggle of trade unions with employers) naturally worsened the position of the productive part of the national labor market. The sharply raised bar of social protection (increase in unemployment benefits) led to the fact that the indigenous population did not agree to low-paid, heavy and not prestigious work on labor-intensive production lines of large factories, chemical plants, etc. Apitalism Every and America threatened drastic impoverishment of the labour market. Then in the 60s, successful European countries opened their borders first to Italian workers, then to Turkish workers (Germany). France drew its labor force from its former colonies-and these were the Arabs, the Negroes of Africa.

High wages for their own workers and social obligations threatened to turn the capitalists ‘ work to extract profits into a confusing form of charity for the sake of social peace, countering social revolts and the socialist mood of the masses. the left-wing establishment of European countries from time to time reminded of itself. When it became clear that many natives of old Europe (Europeans) it was decided to transfer many of these productions to the far East, to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines – where there is cheap labor, there are no problems with demographics, and feminism is generally absent as a concept. The mentality of the East seems never to digest this European filth… For 20 years, Europe and America have slammed in the race for cheap labor and the market … it was close… around the corner of the entrance of the candle factory, sorry, the European-Chinese plant, concern … the Chinese, Malaysians, etc. honestly fulfilled the terms of the deal: the Europeans – Americans) – we are your machines, equipment and technology, technical support, and You are us …no, not goods, keep them for yourself we have enough of our goods-sell them to your peasants and workers, and we have money. OK, said the Chinese and other Asians around – we agree and thank You! Our g-d’s and Your g-d’s have heard each other. And at all Your Kipling, the still a liar and provocateur gadsky uncle-West and East can and will come together! Amen, said the Europeans and Americans moved by Eastern hospitality and hurried to their banks … native of course European and American to open accounts for future dividends…

  The romance of the West and the East lasted (serene and without much anxiety) for about 20 years. During this time, China unexpectedly and staggeringly for European and American beneficiaries has grown from an agricultural and impoverished country with a billion people to a powerful economic and military superpower taking a place next to …the United States. And both sides of the deal of the century – “we give you machines – You give us cheap labor and money” – did not deceive each other in their basic expectations – everyone got what …Wanted! Capitalism in Europe and America received a respite from the shortage of labor in its factories and the need to support its new workers under inflated and expensive European rules and laws (wages, pensions and insurance). We can say that the profit on Karl Marx is very, very much for every dollar or Euro more than 100%. In fairness it should be said that not always and not in all over China as a partner has been honest. But competition under capitalism at all times is a very tough thing and uncompromising thing and its priests are harsh men with iron nerves and eggs will laugh in Your face if You say something about morality and ethics. The moral of this bludgeon of capitalism is contained only in two words synonymous with Profit+Benefit. Leave the rest of the words for ladies in salons and boutiques!

  The “Open market” ideology of the Americans allowed China to bring its goods to both the American and European markets. At first it was light industry products, knitwear, shoes, tableware and household items. I think that they still occupy this niche in the European and American market, as they easily suppressed the pathetic squeak of the national small and medium-sized businesses in Europe and America. Western protectionism in favor of the Chinese manufacturer before its own was evident. For, soon these markets should have a joint cooperative production of European American investors and Chinese industry, of course, based on the technologies and scientific developments of the West. Industrial corporations of the West solved their problems with the development of new markets and the lack of national labor reserves.

  Not Industrialists in Europe and America, but wholesale sellers, well-known brands, retail chains – giants have been a very influential and noticeable sphere of Capitalism for more than 50 years, and they are not interested in selling cheap Chinese goods to their native domestic consumers, who are hungry for cheap televisions, tape recorders, video cameras and computers. I didn’t want to think about it… Oh, leave these stupid people, mister-comrade. Don’t read Marx… read our Ford, when he made a cheap car and still made America – America. You see, even these nig…er … drive them African-Americans, one of them by the way cleans my store of cheap and high-quality equipment from China and Singapore.” …

 Today, and obviously, Modern China 1st third of the 21st century with a modern army and Navy, Patriotic missiles and modern economy systematically over a very short historical period did the Europeans and Americans, made a modern classic Capitalism of the Western world, which is formally and actually incorporated into modern China, as well as the name of the Communist Empire or Mandarin with a nuclear bomb or already very bad, if you call it Confucian, and in fact, in a difficult situation, he will be just such a… … ….

  For the modernization and capitalization of China European and American capitalism has spent approximately 20 years. It received huge dividends and also left its European and American problems frozen in the process. In China, the labor force was 100 years ahead. But the main dividend so decided the American and European establishment, it received in the historical perspective and also seemed for 100 years-political, geopolitical! He was tearing Communist China, which already had an atomic bomb, away from the USSR! Let between them and were irreconcilable as it seemed differences. But these two countries had an ideology hostile to the West and in the future when Chairman Mao leaves the historical scene physically as a mortal man they could be on the same side of the front against the forces of Western democracy, against the United States in any conflict such as the Korean war or the Vietnam war! The collision of Maoist China and the USSR on the island of Damansky forced Communist China to choose which of the enemies is more dangerous for them.

  The beginning of the real “seduction” of Maoist China by Capitalism began before the collapse of the USSR, but precisely after the death of Mao Zedong and the coming to power of the reformers. The main goal of the reformers was the vital modernization of the people’s Republic of China, mainly in the economy and modern technologies. It was decided not to destroy the Communist system and ideology, but to adapt it to the urgent tasks of technical, technological and economic modernization. This is quite in the spirit of Confucianism – it is easy to get off the old and familiar road that has become inconvenient and narrow for you. But who knows what promises you a new and unfamiliar road to the future… Only time and experience will help you make the right choice… The Chinese Communists were not primarily concerned with the outside world but with their own people whose population was approaching a billion. The alternative to communism was democracy, multiparty system, as the basis of competition for personal freedoms and human rights. Even just approaching these values, which were alien to the East, threatened the traditionalist ancient state with internal upheavals, discord and civil conflicts. Even the West has sometimes struggled to escape the trap of pluralism and the clash of competing political leanings and differing interests of its rival elites. A negative example was the political instability of Taiwan and South Korea. Hong Kong was small and sparsely populated. It is the comparison of geographical dimensions that is homogeneous the population was not tempted by the multi-ethnic and multi-religious China to take this island of prosperity as a model of political structure. It was decided to free the Communist ideology without affecting the foundations and sacred dogmas from dogmas that contradict the basic fundamentals of capitalism-the market, competition of different forms of ownership and the promotion of private capital. This was a kind of model of Lenin’s NEP but on a modern basis. But the main thing is that the Communist cells and party committees of various levels were a proven and reliable mechanism of authoritarian rule and therefore a guarantee of stability in the development of technical, scientific and technological modernization of a backward agrarian country at an acute time. It has been a very short time to understand the advantages and risks of a new road to the future and to give up the advantages of the old and familiar road. The Communist ideology and methods of managing large masses of the population, the one-party system seemed to the multi-ethnic and multi-religious China a more reliable road to a stormy and unknown future! This was the understanding of reality and the choice of a strategy for development. Forward to capitalism, but without the ideological wobbles and risks of the Western democratic structure of government institutions and society.

During this time, neither the American nor the European one decided ( and could not decide) at home, there are problems with a shortage of labor, especially on large and heavy production lines.  But in the second decade, European and American capitalism received an unexpected and unpleasant gift-two kinder surprises in a chic package of ungrateful sons of bitches. This is Russia and China not where it is necessary and not what it is necessary to Become ” bazarit on international interpretive sites like 8-Ki and so on. For this, the Chinese already had their own economic justification. they not only dragged millions of peasants out of their villages to industrial giant cities for joint factories with Europe and America, but also actively bought (or banally stole) the true gold of the 20th and 21st century-advanced Technologies. He trained young Chinese in the best universities in the world. It is known that the Chinese are good students and if they once invented gunpowder and paper, then it was not necessary to learn from teachers the best way to make the advanced base of modern capitalism in China. You need patience, affectionate treatment with your partner, the future main competitor in the modern world, arrogance and genuine surprise in the eyes – Mr. AI Yai Yai I have stolen something from You… and you will prove… ” and in General, neither in China nor in Europe nor in America, money does not SMELL under Capitalism! Because this is how history has developed …(with the exception of the practice of criminal turnover.) China began to build its own factories and accept investments primarily in these purely patronymic factories. It still sold its products cheaper than its competitors, in addition to the hand it began to play the domestic currency yuan. But he began to sell himself and began to receive profit from the sale directly. It turns out that this is a very profitable business in the world today. Since then, China has become dramatically richer financially! ….

  Here we can conclude that the West made a fatal historical mistake when it entered into an Alliance with Communist China – it has grown a dangerous enemy with its own hands. The West expected that the very press of the substance of Capitalism would squeeze out the democratic reconstruction of the celestial Empire of communism. But the events in Tian an Ming square have shown that this is an illusion. In taking care of the new Russia after 1991, it again missed in its calculations the logic of the historical movement of any former Empire, its traditional resistance to attempts to pressure and disregard historical values. This brought to life in Russia not the strengthening of democratic foundations but the practice of authoritarianism. So was there a mistake about China?! Yes and no! First, the place of a modern and powerful power China could replace the collective Union of young tigers of Indochina-South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. Not as powerful as modern China, but still. And even if America’s affair with China had not happened the generation of reformers who came after Mao TSE Tung had enough political will to modernize their vast country. And here there were variations of the Union with both the new Russia and Europe. But the logic of history has made the shortest path to the modern world status quo.

Alas, but the old disease of Capitalism when the success of yesterday and today blunts the clarity of vision of prospects. Thinking and calculation is based on short-term and effective achievements of short-term prospects and is hopelessly deformed in difficult, unattractive painful conceptions of the logic of trends of the real Tomorrow. Success achieved Yesterday and embodied today generates self-confidence and infallibility – an old vestige but so pleasant and native that appeals to reason and caution in desires and actions are futile. Today it is either the embodiment of a confident and persistent Yesterday or the scrapping and wreck of Today due to the critical mistakes of a self-confident and not calculating Yesterday.

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