Chapter 2 part 2 About the virus and around it. Notes of an Amateur




Chapter 2 part 2

About the virus and around it. Notes of an Amateur

   If humanity wants in the future (after stopping the flow of infected people and ending the deaths from COVID-19) to deal completely with this crowned infection and destroy his entire family to hell once and for all, without leaving even a trace on this planet – then he, the man, in this fair from his point of view, the case – no shit will come out! It won’t come out in a millionth or a trillionth of a share. The fact is that the virus is life itself! You destroyed it on earth, now climb to the bottom of the ocean in the Mariana trench, in the mouth of an active volcano, in a hot spring, a geyser. There is always the presence of the virus, that is life. Since a certain historical moment, it is impossible to destroy life on earth everywhere, even by the most powerful extraterrestrial civilization, if it exists! Life, living organisms on earth have taken root and strengthened everywhere in a cosmically insignificant period of time so firmly and reliably that it is almost impossible to destroy this LIFE without a trace from a certain historical period! Faint, but signs of life can always be found anywhere on Earth, its rocks, soil, in the mouth of an erupting volcano, at the bottom of the ocean-even after the Apocalypse, the universal catastrophe…And in all this surviving after the disaster and destruction of the planet (sorry reader, this horror for example is necessary…) the largest representation, the presence of our hero will have – the virus! The only thing that a man can do is to destroy himself from the face of the earth! To a man, if he intends to root out all his own kind, the task is quite feasible. And in the shortest period of time. And this, alas, was true and reliable Yesterday!

Today is already a hundred times more than Yesterday! Well, Tomorrow…?! And Tomorrow may just not come, not happen… That is, it will definitely take place on the planet Earth, but only for viruses and other microorganisms. About this hypothetical Tomorrow man will not be given to know. He the man will pass into oblivion before the morning of this «Tomorrow». We are talking here about the case of a possible Apocalypse, a catastrophe that, relatively speaking, befell the planet Earth. This catastrophe is equally likely both in the case of a natural cataclysm and if humanity itself raises its hand against itself by unleashing a destructive and large-scale modern war! The human tribe on the blue planet is not the most reliable and strong link in terms of physical survival in the natural environment of the planet. In addition, it is pampered and fragile in physical terms as a biological being with its long history of establishing and strengthening a comfortable life not at the expense of its physical advantages, but thanks to the tools and means of its intellectual work and the achievements of its Sciences and technologies. In the event of a Major war of self-destruction or a natural disaster, all these tools and the fruits of human progress can only briefly delay the death of the biological community called Man, Humanity…! The forces of a natural disaster on a planetary scale or say the third world war with the use of the entire Arsenal of accumulated weapons, both thermonuclear and chemical, and finally bacteriological, are several orders of magnitude ahead of the ability to protect and repel the same person…

Man, the most highly organized and most intelligent biological being (animal, animal…) on earth and has achieved unprecedented success with his work and knowledge, not only in the construction of miracle cities and space exploration, but alas, in the art of killing each other! And imagine not only nuclear weapons or chemical weapons, but also biological, in other words, bacteriological weapons… It is no secret that for more than 100 years, the world’s States have been conducting research on dangerous bacteria and viruses in a variety of secret and protected laboratories in order to create a perfect silent and invisible weapon capable of wiping out a quarter or even half of the world’s population in a short period of time. Finish off the other half in the bunkers with a thermonuclear… By the way, add here the reader ways to destroy living bipeds, erect little-haired, along with fauna and flora, which have not yet taken place factually. This is a climate war, and the explosion of high-power projectiles on vulnerable points of the planet, where continents converge… and where from time to time earthshakes of extreme amplitude and tsunamis that are destructive for coastal cities are born… There are already a lot of developments in the Arsenal of the military in the field of remote influence on the behavior and psyche of people, and much more. On our planet, there are even some judges who are speculatively located on the “finish line of humanity” called the Apocalypse. They watch as humanity approaches its (sorry for the rudeness…) End-non-Existence and report this to curious earthlings. This is an Agency that from time to time resets the hand of the clock of humanity’s approach to the universal catastrophe. And not from a collision with the planet Earth of large-mass cosmic bodies. And from the banal threat of the third world war as a result of internal disagreements and contradictions in the relations of the world’s leading countries… in the 21st century, humanity has excelled in the art of exacerbating contradictions and disagreements among themselves… In the twentieth century, I remember the leaders somehow agreed… and observed the agreement, and most importantly, somehow not noticeably even for themselves, they established more or less a set of vowel and non-vowel RULES of the GAME.

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