Chapter 4 Part 2. Sketches for a painting of the era on the background of gentle COVID-19

Where were you Mr-comrade Тrump in October 1917, when Vladimir Putin’s grandfather, Vladimir Lenin, was making the socialist revolution in Russia…?!


For the first time since 1919 of the last 20th century, the entire world was completely affected by one global universal disaster for all earthlings. The enemy attacked without warning and is still invisible to the eye, not smelling, not hearing, and therefore terrible to man. I remember how almost 2 months ago a masked man followed me down the street. I was without a mask and he kept a distance of 6-7 meters from me and kept a sharp eye on me. I turned to look at him, because in my peripheral vision I noticed his strange maneuvers with distance. As a young man, at any other time, he would have passed me several times as an elderly and limping man. When I turned around, he darted back and sideways. I understood that the man was afraid of me, the man without a mask, and was determined to save his life by increasing the distance between us by 9-10 meters. The sidewalk was wide at this point but did not exceed 5 meters. This middle-aged man with frightened and almost hunted eyes just wanted to live and waited patiently not daring to break through the edge or even run away…

Of course, my mask was still gauze at that time and I didn’t put it on unnecessarily, it was difficult to breathe in it, my nose was blocked. I already then firmly knew that distance in 1.5-2 meters this crowned bastard does not overcome. I didn’t get a mask for his peace of mind, I’m a heavy smoker and wanted to get some air while there are no people on my road. Instead, I turned around and barked angrily like a dog. I think I only made myself laugh… Yes, people today in the world are overwhelmingly incredibly scared, many wearing a mask in the morning take it off only in the evening, which makes me mad with envy. Do they never have a stuffy nose…! Meanwhile, this reinsurance of people only increases the risk of infection – from prolonged wearing and breathing in a mask, a humid environment is formed, which attracts this bastard unusually. In addition, no mask is attached to the face so tightly that a bastard the size of…. could not fit through these holes and drag a bunch of other friends like themselves. That is why the expression “social distance”was introduced into the speech. Yes there are a lot of people in the world today who are almost manic and scared to death… There is, however, a completely different group of people, a certain new opposition to their governments. They can be roughly called “people of the spirit”. True, no one took an exact chemical analysis of the spirit from them… for scientific purposes! They have the opposite line of behavior than the bulk of the population. They, so it turned out, “were chronically” frostbitten by freedom, unlimited rights of the individual, the theory of conspiracy, and also manically confident that a worldwide conspiracy is being committed against their rights and freedoms…  But a very large group of people in the world today is clearly mentally depressed, sometimes even inadequate – meaning the new phobias that COVID-19 brought with it. And now imagine the reader that over the head of these people wails a very loud siren on the block. No, this is not a new weapon of world high-tech against COVID-19. This is just an air RAID siren alert. And we are talking about war… With the use of terrible air bombs from planes, missiles…And people caught by it on the way in the hope of buying, getting food for their children, elderly parents should immediately go to the bomb shelter… In 1914, the first world war began. And on the final and decisive 1919 military and very bloody year in the European theater of fierce military operations, an unprecedented pestilence broke out and it instantly covered almost the entire world… ” the Spaniard took from 20-50 million and earthlings and according to some data it is possible 100 million people around the world left this best of worlds. Well, then there was a War you will say and the state of medicine was then extremely low, not like today. Yes, You are right – there was a war then. And today, who can say with confidence that with such an irresponsible attitude of many world politicians, it can not break out and cover the whole world again – because there is not enough hatred in the world…  It is these thoughts that are disturbing and disturbing to me not today, but yesterday, long before the big attack of COVID-19, that I explain my last zigzag of thoughts about the suicide of humanity. And the term I am sure I chose quite accurately – Any war is always first of all the tacit consent of the peoples of the world – IT is with HIM to CREATE… Only a war with weapons in hand to protect your land, your home, your children is a righteous, just war, a war with open eyes to the truth … And this has happened in history… But today I can’t answer this question and it torments me… Who will be to blame for the next world war in the 21st century?! I know the answer correctly. We, all together-the People of this planet will be to blame for allowing This to Happen to Us…! When the people are silent under the footlights and the Jupiters of Olympus climb disguised as angels ghouls, false prophets and adventurers.  The few but active and risky Evils of this World will not fail to take advantage of this our inaction, inaction, tacit consent, (“default consent”)! And then those who in the shadows incited and first brought the match will hide behind the broad back of the people’s collective guilt. For, the well-known historical spring so quickly spins world events that there is already a fact of immutable realities. On both sides of the confrontation in the trenches, the young growth of the world is ready to kill each other defending false ideas, false truth of those who managed to instill these ideas of discord in their neighbors and drive these yesterday’s boys into the trenches. Idealism and romanticism of a generation that does not know what war is will pay for it with their lives. So it was and alas Fatally will be for a long time in human history. At first there was a Word, a word of truth uttered against the words of lies but it was so weak that it was easily drowned out by the or timpani for the glory of this lie and it was not heard by future heroes…  Alas, but then already in the distance from the events and evidence of a lot of behind-the-scenes and secret it is difficult to see behind this artificial screen of collective responsibility the true faces of Directors and screenwriters.

Manipulations with historical facts are not new in this world, but sometimes it comes to Homeric laughter from the funny and idiotic historical research of the world’s modern politicians. But there is no laughter, and there is bewilderment. Is it possible that the modern politician has become so thin and impoverished in mind and manners… If you urgently revive the great satirists Rabelais, Cervantes, the glorious cohort of French philosophers-wits, to them the writers of the 20th century Jaroslaw Hasek, Jerzy lez, Stanislaw LEM, who have gone into their immortal past, they would be confused – what to write about… everything around seems small and ugly and does not hide it, is proud, because it is the new rules and norms of the Era…! What can be Great and Funny to write about the banal sorry … shit-throwing and boogers of modern politics of the 21st century…?! Tell me, my dear Rabelais, do you have any other politicians for us?! With these that I was given, I can only blind idiots and small provincial crooks who somehow found themselves on the Olympus of Power in your modern world. Probably, only I. Stalin could have answered them adequately here: “I have no other politicians for You.” (In the original writers)

Yes, our 21st century surprises many contemporaries with unprecedented progress in science and technology, but not only … Like the 20th century, exactly 120 years ago, art in our 21st century produced an unprecedented qualitative leap, almost a breakthrough. To late impressionism, avant-garde and surrealism of the 20th century, our 21st century adequately responded with outstanding inventions such as: Hybrid war, Fake news (a technological reinterpretation of surrealism of the 20th century – presenting SURR as a new reality and presenting a mass stream of completely fresh and original news to a news hungry public) In the field of humanistic thought of the 20th century, in response to the contribution of albert Schweitzer, the 21st century gave humanity multiculturalism (then, however, for some reason, the gift was taken away and hidden away from the public, but more from the eyes and hands of people completely misinterpreting it not only, but also completely vulgar-but trying to apply it in real practice… A sharp surge of humanism due to the original reading of the canons of multiculturalism was even forced to sharply limit the wise Frau German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in France, President Nicolas Sarkozy…! It turned out that “off-scale humanism” can also be dangerous…!

  For almost 4 years, the whole world has been following the attempt to convert (incorporate …?!) in Big Politics, the Rules and approaches of Business as the science and practice of making a profit of the new US President Donald Тrump. Contribution to the theory of Capitalism, innovations and rationalization ideas based on technology and healthy business practices of the new us President D.Trump (give him g-d health) sometimes shakes his stormy indefatigability and eccentricity, not only the sublunary world, but also a good half of the other America. Of course, it also affects the interests of other political elites in the United States, which have historically been defined as the political camp of the Democrats. The elite is undoubtedly more powerful than the one that opposes it in the face of the Republicans. In the middle of these two opposing political camps in the United States, that is, associations (on both sides) of active players (leaders and extras, significant figures) , politically engaged citizens of America, of course, and just a large mass of ordinary people as a natural phenomenon of people who persistently and hopelessly persuade themselves, that it is they who determine the fate of their state (a type of human being common all over the world!) and they can even influence the fate of the entire world…So in the middle of these two active and mobile masses of Americans is a silent gray and neutral mass. It is often called a political swamp by sociologists. Well, generally, as in the rest of the normal world! And this last gives the rest of the sublunary world a reason to hope to somehow get along peacefully with America on the same planet …

As an analyst, I cannot deny the common sense that there is more behind the eccentricity of America’s new unprecedented President than the eccentricity and tyranny of a capitalist in power. There, of course, is the understanding of part of the American elite that the war for America’s leadership in the world and the defense of Globalism as the only possible scenario for the world order and a stable and stable Tomorrow for the human population is hopelessly lost in one or another historical perspective. The world has changed dramatically during the recent era, which the author calculates from the specific date of September 11, 2001. New centers of power have emerged; the world is still unstable but firmly claims to multipolarity of the world order and regulation of international relations of the community on the basis of collectively established “balanced rules of the game”. The world still faces the threat of destabilization by a dark third force in the form of a” passion explosion ” of the Islamic world. The hope is that the most powerful and powerful state in the world, as a sole leader, is able to preserve and protect the modern world from future shocks… is melting every year more and more! Here I can understand the President of this country with the ideology of a businessman – ” … so gentlemen, I and my country America also must invest their money in a hopeless business project for the future of the global world, when its shares sooner or later (about var.) will collapse in all positions…?! Such idiocy can not afford any sane businessman in the world … ” to pay for something that will not be, that is, no goods, no long-awaited dividends…?! What a business it is to persuade yourself that there is no other historical alternative and you need to continue what you started, modernize, change the tactics of world approaches – but keep what g-d gave America to bring peace and stability to the world! Otherwise, pay for an unjustified and unfounded illusion and then-remain a fool. Without money, with a tarnished reputation as a failed businessman. America is no longer able to bear the burden of a world leader and judge alone. This kind of business is like a Mare with a heavy load on her back. This Mare will die before reaching the finish line. Your old-new project gentlemen Democrats has no chance to survive there is no gradation of risk, the chance for success supermodernity.. there is nothing at all … there is only a stupid arrogance in the Holy mission of America and … a delayed and inglorious departure from the new world under the pressure of the new realities of this world – Everyone is responsible for themselves and their own future! And to agree with a good and fair business about fair rules of the game and doing business – one of the Golden rules of Business…!» … “I am sure that there is no other alternative for the future of America and the rest of the world! We need to build this new fair world today …but first we need to clear the field of world business from dishonest players who undermine the main foundations of an honest world business -community as a future model of a sustainable and stable world of the future…»

The last historical speech of D. trump about the victory of American-British troops over Nazism in 1945 breathes new fresh and bold colors and innovations and opens new horizons of history. Well, for example, the author of these lines does not exclude that in the battle with the German knights on lake Peipus, Alexander Nevsky used a combined detachment of volunteers from the cowboys of Texas and the Rangers of Utah …and the German knights have not expected such a scum from Prince Alexander Nevsky…  ….      Not everything is known to us ordinary people even with the filing of the New York times … maybe Donald trump still called his partner Vladimir Putin for his pardon… the historic passagel. ” … they Say, sorry, my friend Vova the Democrats are completely impudent  -they want to preemptively for the second time to get their old and broken trump card about Russian interference in the election. So I had to slightly correct the accents of that historic deal, well, remember the summit of our and Yours on the Elbe and Oder…and spoil their holiday of the soul…! Sorry!»

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