Klon 24-bis2

Klone 24-bis2

Chapter 1. Obsession

  Early in the morning, on August 21, 1987, two men entered the office of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, quietly opening the tall and seemingly heavy oak doors. The general secretary of the CPSU, was completely immersed in the study of some documents and gestured without looking at the early visitors (strange, why without a report…?!) he motioned them to the chairs next to his desk. But the customers, not responding to his gesture, remained standing silently at the front door.
It was going to be a tough day. The last days of August were almost all hard and stressful. And the hardest part of them was talking to people, responsible government officials. Even more difficult were the conversations with his close associates, the people on whom the most important thing in the country depended – the course of perestroika and the situation in the country, which continued to deteriorate, despite the fact that his government took more and more steps to reverse the negative trends in the footsteps of the huge country. Perhaps only the international situation of the USSR remained more or less positive. The leaders of the Western world began to trust him more and more, the president of the USSR, and supported his program of reforms: perestroika, glasnost and acceleration. Thank you, Shevardnadze, he turned out to be reliable and calm (surprisingly for a Georgian!) his assistant in these matters. The Central Committee of Ukraine reported on the growing acute and alarming nationalist tendencies among the population of the western regions of Ukraine and asked for advice.
– Can you temporarily curtail glasnost?! They considered her to be responsible for the arousal of the people’s mass (the hromada) and a sharp surge of nationalist and even separatist (independent) sentiments, both in the urban environment and in the rural environment. This was especially noticeable in the western regions of Ukraine, where nationalist, chauvinist and separatist sentiments have always existed. From time to time, they flared up, heated up in the people’s community, giving the central government of Soviet Ukraine a fair headache in trying, if not to overcome in the bud, then at least to extinguish, reduce the acute and disturbing trends of the nationalist, anti-Russian frenzy on the western outskirts of greater Ukraine.

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COVID-19. 2020-07-12. Chronicle of the time of troubles


COVID-19. 2020-07-12. Chronicle of the time of troubles

   Viewing the battlefield you can’t help but fix new facts established by scientists of the world about the worst enemy of humanity today. They (new information) are unfortunately still scattered and do not give a complete picture of the enemy. But in the struggle for human life, they are undoubtedly positive and important.

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Chapter 5 COVID-19 and 2020. Conclusions. part 1.


Эдвард Дженнер (1749 - 1823)

Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) English physician Edward Jenner-the first to investigate and develop the principle of vaccination on the example of cowpox.

Луи Пастер (1822 - 1895)

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

Louis Pasteur-developed a vaccine against rabies, anthrax and cholera. In the future, Pasteur developed a method for artificially weakening the virus, for better effectiveness and safety of vaccination.


тo Chapter 1 “History of world pandemics”

  Already during the first terrible pandemic, humanity has accumulated invaluable experience in fighting an epidemic of infectious diseases that infects huge masses of people on a huge territory and then kills most of these people as a result of damage to vital organs.

– A. First and foremost, this is the physical separation of sick people (with obvious already known symptoms of a contagious disease) from the healthy part of the population of a city, region, or state.

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Chapter 4. Part 3. Sketches for a portrait of the era. Who made modern China?!


How capitalism in Europe and America made an agrarian country a superpower  


Capitalism in Europe and America, starting from the 50s of the 20th century and further on, began to experience a hunger for labor resources to maintain the necessary pace of industrial production. In addition, problems of agricultural production have already begun to manifest themselves. The production of products for many small farms became unprofitable for them, since the prices of agricultural products produced were significantly lower than the prices of industrial goods, especially in the field of purchasing new agricultural equipment. This was the first time that European governments thought about subsidizing agricultural producers in order not to leave the population without food, or even worse, to open the borders even wider to cheap imports of foreign agricultural products and thus stifle their own national food production. On the other hand, the task of developing new markets was a native systemic part of capitalism and never left its historical agenda.

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Chapter 2 part 2 About the virus and around it. Notes of an Amateur




Chapter 2 part 2

About the virus and around it. Notes of an Amateur

   If humanity wants in the future (after stopping the flow of infected people and ending the deaths from COVID-19) to deal completely with this crowned infection and destroy his entire family to hell once and for all, without leaving even a trace on this planet – then he, the man, in this fair from his point of view, the case – no shit will come out! It won’t come out in a millionth or a trillionth of a share. The fact is that the virus is life itself! You destroyed it on earth, now climb to the bottom of the ocean in the Mariana trench, in the mouth of an active volcano, in a hot spring, a geyser. There is always the presence of the virus, that is life. Since a certain historical moment, it is impossible to destroy life on earth everywhere, even by the most powerful extraterrestrial civilization, if it exists! Life, living organisms on earth have taken root and strengthened everywhere in a cosmically insignificant period of time so firmly and reliably that it is almost impossible to destroy this LIFE without a trace from a certain historical period! Faint, but signs of life can always be found anywhere on Earth, its rocks, soil, in the mouth of an erupting volcano, at the bottom of the ocean-even after the Apocalypse, the universal catastrophe…And in all this surviving after the disaster and destruction of the planet (sorry reader, this horror for example is necessary…) the largest representation, the presence of our hero will have – the virus! The only thing that a man can do is to destroy himself from the face of the earth! To a man, if he intends to root out all his own kind, the task is quite feasible. And in the shortest period of time. And this, alas, was true and reliable Yesterday!

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Chapter 4 Part 2. Sketches for a painting of the era on the background of gentle COVID-19

Where were you Mr-comrade Тrump in October 1917, when Vladimir Putin’s grandfather, Vladimir Lenin, was making the socialist revolution in Russia…?!


For the first time since 1919 of the last 20th century, the entire world was completely affected by one global universal disaster for all earthlings. The enemy attacked without warning and is still invisible to the eye, not smelling, not hearing, and therefore terrible to man. I remember how almost 2 months ago a masked man followed me down the street. I was without a mask and he kept a distance of 6-7 meters from me and kept a sharp eye on me. I turned to look at him, because in my peripheral vision I noticed his strange maneuvers with distance. As a young man, at any other time, he would have passed me several times as an elderly and limping man. When I turned around, he darted back and sideways. I understood that the man was afraid of me, the man without a mask, and was determined to save his life by increasing the distance between us by 9-10 meters. The sidewalk was wide at this point but did not exceed 5 meters. This middle-aged man with frightened and almost hunted eyes just wanted to live and waited patiently not daring to break through the edge or even run away…

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Chapter 4. COVID-19 and the World of the 21st century.








Chapter 4. COVID-19 and the World of the 21st century. Part 1

Sketches for a painting of the epoch


  For more than 5 months, the Humanity of the 1st third of the 21st century is waging a war not to live but to die with a terrible enemy that brings him diseases, death and ruin.  The war is not over yet, but it is clear that the scenario of a Serene Happy Tomorrow for Humanity in the 21st century is Overshadowed completely and irrevocably. If he, a man of the 21st century, Suddenly happily bypasses the traditional economic, social, political problems and, finally, the danger of a big war-he may be overtaken and hit by another insidious and invisible enemy of his health and well-being at the hour of X.

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