Chapter 4 Part 2. Sketches for a painting of the era on the background of gentle COVID-19

Where were you Mr-comrade Тrump in October 1917, when Vladimir Putin’s grandfather, Vladimir Lenin, was making the socialist revolution in Russia…?!


For the first time since 1919 of the last 20th century, the entire world was completely affected by one global universal disaster for all earthlings. The enemy attacked without warning and is still invisible to the eye, not smelling, not hearing, and therefore terrible to man. I remember how almost 2 months ago a masked man followed me down the street. I was without a mask and he kept a distance of 6-7 meters from me and kept a sharp eye on me. I turned to look at him, because in my peripheral vision I noticed his strange maneuvers with distance. As a young man, at any other time, he would have passed me several times as an elderly and limping man. When I turned around, he darted back and sideways. I understood that the man was afraid of me, the man without a mask, and was determined to save his life by increasing the distance between us by 9-10 meters. The sidewalk was wide at this point but did not exceed 5 meters. This middle-aged man with frightened and almost hunted eyes just wanted to live and waited patiently not daring to break through the edge or even run away…

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Chapter 4. COVID-19 and the World of the 21st century.








Chapter 4. COVID-19 and the World of the 21st century. Part 1

Sketches for a painting of the epoch


  For more than 5 months, the Humanity of the 1st third of the 21st century is waging a war not to live but to die with a terrible enemy that brings him diseases, death and ruin.  The war is not over yet, but it is clear that the scenario of a Serene Happy Tomorrow for Humanity in the 21st century is Overshadowed completely and irrevocably. If he, a man of the 21st century, Suddenly happily bypasses the traditional economic, social, political problems and, finally, the danger of a big war-he may be overtaken and hit by another insidious and invisible enemy of his health and well-being at the hour of X.

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Chapter 3. ” Dissident magazines in the USSR and Soviet schoolchildren”

Theodore Schwann, Marcello Malpighi, Rosalind Franklin, Nikolai Konstantinovich Koltsov, Albrecht Kossel, Sergey Gavrilovich Navashin

Retreat. Who in the USSR made Soviet schoolchildren and students people with a broad intellectual Outlook. “Dissident magazines»: “Technology-youth,” Knowledge is power”, “Science and life”

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Chapter 2. Part 1. About the nature of the virus and around. Notes of an Amateur..

James Watson and Francis Crick

  The discovery of the existence of a duplicated DNA helix proved to be a turning point in biology. It was made by the Englishman Francis Crick and the American James Watson. In 1962, scientists were awarded the Nobel prize. Francis Crick is known for having formulated the Central dogma of molecular biology: genetic information is transmitted in the cell in one direction, from DNA to RNA, and then to protein.

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Сhildren paje 1 (English


  Happiness…?! It happens one… big and light?! Or it is a lot of the most different small-big, light-colored in the life of a person on this earth, the planet yesterday and today…now…?! Is there a lot of happiness in the world?! Yes-a lot! And the most different and for every taste, even for the same person at different times of the day and at different times of the year. This is how man’s happiness is arranged-because this is how his life, his nature, and human nature are arranged. For me and for You, reader, one of the varieties of happiness is to see the beautiful big shining and grateful eyes of a little person…! I am opening today April 15.04.2020 a new category “Children’s page”:in English, that is, in the English part of

Children’s page

  I will start with my favorite cartoon “Winnie the Pooh”. Many people who watched this cartoon at different times, and these are adult uncles and aunts and children of different ages will remember different replicas of its characters, many of which after the cartoon moved into our everyday life and became household names. Both adults and children trying to remind each other of their favorite characters funny Crookshanks walk, sing and talk funny. “Where Piglet and I are going is a big, big secret! And we will not tell about it-Oh, no, no, no!

“Do you have an umbrella, Piglet?”= Umbrella?

“You see, I was just thinking. Why don’t we bring an umbrella just in case? You can expect anything from these bees.

Winnie-the-Pooh flies on a balloon and asks Piglet:

“What’s great?” Who do I look like now?!

– A bear that flies in a balloon

“Does it look like a little cloud?”! “not really

I understand. It turns out that these are the wrong bees. Completely wrong . And they probably make the wrong kind of honey. …Piglet. But if I shoot and hit the balloon – it will go bad. Winnie-the-Pooh – and if you don’t shoot, I’ll be ruined!

I have a friend who I call Pasha-champion or Pasha-alternative history (to distinguish people named Pasha that I know) – when I told him that my favorite cartoon is Winnie the Pooh-he did not answer, but only with shining eyes for 2 seconds showed me a frame of Eeyore the donkey near the lake in his computer. I forgot these shots! And there is such a deep philosophical subtext! So, that advice those who watched “Russian Winnie-the-Pooh” I recommend to review it. Winnie-the-Pooh by the English writer Alan Alexander Milne written in 1926 is a truly original philosophical work. I can’t say for sure – but the image of Eeyore the donkey is probably copied from some familiar writer. Iya is a typical hypochondriac and pessimistic philosopher, who nevertheless expects that one day he will also have a happy reason for Optimism.

“Dear Eeyore! Let me give you baz-Woz-mez-bottom this… Cover your nose with two fingers and say this phrase. Found out?! And who is the first or in the comments or to the address will tell the editor who this hero is and finish the sentence with two words will receive a memorable gift from the editor.

And in conclusion, I will remind you that the Russian or Soviet cartoon was made by Great figures of this genre with the help of actors (perhaps one of my favorite actors in the world (!) of cinema, Eugene Leonov and Iya Savinova. Respectively, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. From the author Vladimir osenev. The screenplay is written by Boris Zahoder and Fyodor Khitruk.Director Fyodor Khitruk, composer Mikhail Weinberg!!! (both). The artist of the Donkey Eeyore duplicated – well, of course-this voice is not to be confused with anyone Erast Pavlovich Garin-people’s artist of the USSR. Look at the joy of yourself and your children. Your al. Proc March 1, 2020 3: 22

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COVID-19 and WORLD to 2020 part2


        V  I  R  U  S





Реконструкция Королевской лондонской больницы.JPG

The Royal London Hospital



Chapter2 “Who is to blame and what to do”. 

  The famous proposition of the Russian philosopher and journalist Nikolai Chernyshevsky has long tormented humanity.. During the years of trials, social upheavals, revolutions and wars, these issues have always been brought to the public attention of many countries around the world. They have been tried to solve them But history does not know examples of successful and optimal resolution of these fundamental issues. human existence on the scale of even one state. Although there is one good example! The German people after the end of World war II, for the most part, realized the criminality of their recent Nazi past in this “Who is to blame and what to do” proposition. More than 7 million Germans died in this war,and industrial cities were destroyed. And the territory of Germany divided into sectors occupied by allied troops. Post-war Germany was not able to restore its country independently without outside help. The Germans who went through the war on their German side considered the predatory and barbaric ideology and practice unfair-meaning the genocide against Jews, Gypsies, Slavic peoples and defective (mentally ill) Germans. This was the expression of the second part …”What to do.” And in this, the German government (and the GDR) thought as well as most of the German people. In accordance with this denazification of the country was carried out and Nazi war criminals were harshly and consistently prosecuted. Written in April 1863 during the imprisonment of Nikolai Chernyshevsky in the “Peter and Paul fortress “novel” What to do” and subsequently gave rise to this symmetry of bipolarity of one of the most important issues of social life. Following the personal definition of “who is to blame” for what happened, the natural question arose “What to do” to overcome the consequences of this or that Calamity, social or social EVIL and change the existing order of things, and if NECESSARY, change ITSELF-SOCIETY-in the name of ENSURING that this EVIL will not HAPPEN again! Exactly 163 years have passed since the historical time when this bipolar formula of public reaction to certain shocks of its history appeared. In my opinion, it has not become a sovereign and effective part of the public consciousness, it has not become the gene that one GENERATION has experienced the hardships of revolutions or wars or a peaceful but destructive wave of social experiments, which TIME (people, cultural catharsis) put over societies of people-would PASS it on to ANOTHER GENERATION! This is evidenced by history. After the first world war (1914-1918), 26 years later, the Second world war (1940-1945) rolled around the world, bringing to life the darkest stories of the Future in the poems of seer poets and the prophecies of medieval mystics. Humanity has reached the highest barrier to the reality of world, universal EVIL. The history of mankind has rolled Dale and Dale through a series of small and medium-sized local disasters in the world space, in revolutions and wars, in terror, social cataclysms, the harmful influence of fashion and cultural experiments on human society, the sharp polarization of the Islamic world (in response to threats from the Western world to affect their traditional basic values and way of life), and, finally, the real threat of the 3rd world war. The world war that either swept the human race from history to hell or left its humanity disabled in a world of chaos and destruction…

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